What is criminally overpriced?

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  1. Britain is taking a shit on Fr*nce like it deserves 🇬🇧🇬🇧👑👑👸👸

  2. I miss the gold old days when I would refuse to accept my son for who they were and physically force my antiquated beliefs down his throat. I bet that he really became a true man after that, though I don’t really know because he hasn’t talked to me in 30 years

  3. Absolutely insulin, I work at a pharmacy and I cannot tell you how many times I have seen someone leave their prescriptions because they were too expensive. It is really heart breaking

  4. That book was really uncomfortable to read in eighth grade and I could not believe someone survived in those conditions

  5. Obviously Dale, the alcoholic trucker with a middle school education, is more qualified to teach students then someone who actually went to school for it

  6. So what I am getting from the person who made this is they never amounted to anything on their lives and blame everyone but themselves

  7. Does anyone know where to get Mommy Milkers mac and cheese? Asking for a friend

  8. Wow I love the lighting on these scenes, make them look so dramatic

  9. I’m willing to be the person who made this doesn’t even know what mRNA is

  10. Clean Wehrmacht massacring Soviet soldiers they captured on the early part of Operation Barbarossa

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