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Daily General Discussion - June 18, 2022

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  1. So can we talk about how much ETH constitutes a whale and GMI status in the next bull run (assuming total value of combined ETH at the next bull run peak)?

  2. I disagree with the "not FU money" part, if ETH hits 10k (if it doesn't something went wrong), 200-500 ETH is 2mil-5mil which is easily

  3. Lean fire is usually under $1 million with a paid for home. This guys figures are delusional.

  4. In what world is $25 million not FU money? Given that you are stating $50K ETH figure.

  5. This girl learned for maybe the first time in her life that dumb actions have consequences. Too bad most racists aren't capable of self reflection

  6. She was sitting on the floor and a random girl accosted her and attacked her.

  7. Look…. As a black man I gotta say. Some of us be creating racists. If buddy was acting ni**erish and disrespectful, and then beats up a kid over calling him a bad word for his behavior, what does that make him? A warrior of justice?

  8. Why do teachers only step in once a bull starts getting hit back fucken annoying

  9. Because of optics. One person getting smacked down while being passive looks less chaotic than two people going at it.

  10. I'm confused it still says she's married.

  11. It was never meant to be permanent. Nothing is permanent. If you’re a fan, be happy you donated to his success and continue enjoying the ride.

  12. How long did he have the studio for? It wasn't even a couple years before throwing it in the garbage

  13. Get on an international app. You'll notice the vast difference very quickly.

  14. I think 20x from market bottom for next bull cycle is possible. So market bottom is $800-$900 that puts us at around $16,000 ETH conservatively in my mind.

  15. Not so bearish days brings out the bullish predictions.

  16. He also doesn't tip his food delivery drivers. Why do people worship such a horrible person? He needs to be banned from stores.

  17. Nobody worships him. It's more like watching a dumpster fire.

  18. What is your ethnic background? Maybe some racism. Do you have anything else that is physically noticeable?

  19. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but I think having a lot of visible tattoos can be seen as unproffesional in the US

  20. Arm tattoos are unprofessional in latin america too and gang associated, not sure why this guy is acting confused.

  21. She's much more progressive than Maher. He's wealthy and down deep doesn't really care about "the people". Plus it's all entertainment.

  22. No, it's perfectly normal for a married woman with kids to professionally and platonically share her bed with her co-worker. Get with the times grandpa.

  23. Technically yes since there is no court filings of a divorce which is public record. Probably split up/ in the process of divorce.

  24. People talking about earning upwards of 60k in b4. Here in India, I am starting as A1 in a B4 at 8k/annum USD. ._. Although rents are quite affordable. I pay 200 usd for a shared 2 bhk flat in a nice area of the capital city. Rents can be as low as 70 dollars/month

  25. Well for context, a decent (not great) 2 bedroom apartment is at least $4,000-$6,000 a month in Manhattan. Shared with roommates that's $2,000 a month. You're paying 30% of your income on an apartment, for that to be the same in Manhattan you'd have to be earning $80,000 a year.

  26. Transgenders competing with women is really ridiculous. Might as well not have women competitive sports.

  27. Not 100 percent sure, it was just a side point anyways but I believe it was during or close to all the issues with Jimmy, Kyle, and TYT if I'm not mistaken.

  28. As someone who criticizes Krystal regularly for holding back on Saagar and appeasing right wingers--she did amazing on Maher. The tenacity and wit she showed is why I question why she is so meek with Saagar when she is more than capable of being a great attack dog

  29. The focus here was economic class war which is where her and Saagar overlap and agree with each other.

  30. Krystal did a good job pushing back. Would have been easy to fold between two of them quoting random trivia you have no time to look up. Then Bill Maher pretended to not know what Krystal Ball was talking about.

  31. $20,000 has fallen. Meme support of Bitcoin never having gone below last cycle's has been utterly devestated.

  32. Agreed. There's no reason to assume this isn't base reality. Whenever I see posts like this, I usually just close the tab.

  33. The reason too assume is based on whether you believe it is practically feasible to make an actual simulated universe. If yes, then chances are it been done in the past and this is just one iteration of reality within x number of iterations.

  34. It could well be the case, but then that would mean that our simulation is the deepest one, given that we haven't come up with a simulated universe ourselves.

  35. No it doesn't mean that. That only assumes a single line of progression for simulation layers rather than multiple branches.

  36. I used to listen to him quite a bit, although purely for personal finance. Dudes a complete idiot. If it was up to him, there would be no mechanism at all to help people pay for college, so the only people who could afford to would be the kids with rich parents.

  37. He's also against students living at home to pay off school. Mean while, he paid for and afforded his kids schools and then gave them cushy jobs at his company.

  38. Lol kinds frustrating seeing him go ham then stop, then jump in again, then walk away.. like bro. Either you commit or just leave it

  39. He looks like he jumped back in the last time again because they started stomping the jumped girls head.

  40. The fed doesn't get to operate in a vacuum though. If there's a recession severe enough for unemployment to shoot up, the fed will be forced to revert to lowering interest rates, especially if an election is round the corner

  41. They're not going to lower interest rates with inflation this high regardless of a recession.

  42. How so? I’m not 100% familiar with everything she’s said or done. Seriously asking and I didn’t downvote you.

  43. Krystal is against prosecuting anyone for Jan 6 and dismisses the whole event as larping an established legacy media trying to make you care about it.

  44. Yes she has repeatedly stated this as her position. Her position is basically the same as Saagars.

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