1. I ran some over with a Polaris when we were designing them, they held up fine!

  2. I wanted to use something for testing with realistic geometry, that was commonly available so people could replicate the tests

  3. Probably won't help much. CNC kitchen has lots of videos testing things like this. But most the time the small amount of reinforcement that can be included in designs isn't enough to make a difference.

  4. Get your boss’s business card and leave it for the people complaining

  5. Haha that would be great laugh but apparently it turned out teachers weren't complaining. It was the head custodian in the day on a power trip.

  6. I’d run a bright flashlight and then a kukri. The kukri is heavy enough to bully smaller blades and block bats but short and light enough to be handy in hallways.

  7. This is just...why? Why epoxy? It won't make anything stronger...

  8. Ok but that’s like 2 grand worth of gear, like if you’re gonna be that kinda cringe atleast wear plates and nothing on you 6oclock

  9. My understanding is that abs is significantly stronger but has a much shallower stress curve. So if it fails (because of an overloaded cartridge or the like) it will fail catastrophically. As opposed to pla+ which will stretch and deform first. Essential pla+ is “safer” because it will fail or show signs of failure sooner.

  10. You’re looking at three different manufacturers

  11. Ok but having one of these and the carrying iwb?

  12. I was thinking in the case that you’re wearing sweats or basketball shorts and can’t carry on the belt line

  13. I can kinda see that, but this looks so much like a plate carrier or similar that you’d be better off just running armor and a chest holster.

  14. Might help with the overall finish but coating PLA+ in something weaker than PLA+ isn’t going to make it any stronger.

  15. It’s “weaker” yes but depending on layer adhesion it could reinforce cross layer stability.

  16. I've got a couple p95 kits kicking around. I'm assuming no one makes a 16in barrel for the P95, right? Would love to print one of these and throw a stock on it.

  17. I’d love a 6 inch barrel so I could thread it for a comp

  18. I would have one encounter set up where side A I’d outgunned and barely functioning and side B is gonna curb stomp em

  19. Just a concept, but I've had this idea for while now to make caseless ammunition. I plan on following this tutorial to make Nitro-cellulose lacquer:

  20. I don’t know if he’s on here but there’s a guy named tony who’s working on a pump action plasma shotgun using caseless ammo

  21. I’m glad you both made it out ok, but This is less a self defense question and more a tactics question.

  22. Once the printers are cleared in the morning I think I’ll print a pair of stendos to test.

  23. Rally points and flanking, push hard left and hard right, take the high ground.

  24. Vader isn't above using slavery for his own ends. He's seemingly supportive of the Empire's treatment of non-human populations, including open slavery of the Wookies and genocide of the Geonosians.

  25. You’re entirely correct, but he doesn’t care about geonosians or Wookiee’s. I’m not suggesting Vader is racist so much as he is very not empathetic. He doesn’t relate to Wookiee’s or geonosians so he isn’t overly concerned with their treatment (easier just not to care) but if it became SOP to subject all imperial slaves to the same chipping he went through (the treatment he associates with his early childhood suffering and loss of his mother) it would stir up emotions.

  26. Does it jam with all mags or just the drum? Mine had issues with the raider drum mag because of weight and fitment.

  27. You can’t reach either of those with your offhand. I’d migrate them so you can access either weapon with either hand.

  28. Lol yeah that's a Goat Gun in my spare magazine holder that I got for Christmas ;-)

  29. It depends on how big the lunches are and how many events you have a week

  30. It’s really heavy for a 5.56, but yeah it’s fun to shoot and super comfy.

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