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  1. can you imagine selling at 5 digits… these paperhands will never forget it. i personally won’t settle for one lambo, i want one for each day of the week. let alone everything else.

  2. they need to invest in warzones servers, they’ll never get into a game to even watch :(

  3. that would be too obvious, they’ll instead swap it with an IOU, FTD, swap it with another IOU, FTD that one, and then FTD once again before going back to the swaps

  4. pills and the reefer obv this sub has never smoked to know what reefer is, or they haven’t heard the song. it’s clearly not regal. it’s so annoying this community can’t figure that out already

  5. Don't put words in his mouth that he didn't say

  6. agree, DRS has put an enormous amount of pressure on SHF and has only forced them to dig their grave deeper. They may be stalling but it doesn’t mean it’s not working!!! DRS

  7. yeah but the securities haven’t been purchased back whatsoever. yes he is short, no there was not a sale

  8. its pretty clear to the rest of us outside the US that it is very political. you can get nitpicky with the timeline but the reality is specific political views work in favor of toxic spills like this.

  9. i know but everyone is trying to make this a today issue, this was an issue wayyy before this. it’s not being nitpicky. trump admin removed the guidelines. it’s not a dewine issue like the media is saying. that’s my issue

  10. When your cousins ask your parents how you’re doing, they lie. That’s how ashamed they are of you.

  11. lmaooo these are so worth the downvotes, insulting on a news forum… talk about low, you are in the same boat as me it seems

  12. I make fun of your meme investment cults every so often and "it seems like I cant sleep at night." Yet you just have to post your DRS numbers to your god damned cult "online friends" every time you buy a few shares. You're so fervent on GME, which is entertaining and I called you out on it, and now you go THOSE ARENT ALL IM WORTH YOU CANT SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!!

  13. well you are making it seem like i’m gonna die because i might lose $11k. what’s the difference between this and posting a 6 leg parlay. i don’t give a fuck about this money. obviously you have never had $11k to lose. i don’t live paycheck to paycheck. I’m also not trying to save every penny. it’s called fun money and you are pressed. in fact i own another $4k in another account. so $15k in gme. go ahead and keep worrying about my money and my investment, if it makes you feel better good for you

  14. then why do you care? it’s hilarious you think your upper echelon of dividends makes me stop having fun in life. maybe instead of money you need a homie to spend it with. fucking hater, you are weird bro. just mind your own business and stay in your lane. I don’t wait outside the casino roasting someone’s grandpa. you are weird.

  15. I always hated how they blamed fundamentals, well no shit gamestop isn’t connected to fundamentals.. they removed a buy button and ftd… but only one stock has idiosyncratic risk

  16. If you needed to use a calculator for 900+99, respectfully, go back to school ☠️

  17. happy you are getting downvoted… i was typing the same comment lmao. who can’t add to a whole number. jesus christ himself is disappointed he needed a calculator.

  18. Go suck dick cuz how's that triggered you ??? Obviously they did that to remind us of juice

  19. then just type in 999, why do you have to add💀 someone seems more pressed than i

  20. Depends if you paid for the route shipping protection honestly

  21. i paid for it and after 3 months it expired and they stopped tracking it. ended up still getting my order but a long time after.

  22. personally i think if i’m smoking nic i get a better buzz french inhaling. but if i’m smoking weed i hate it up the nose i prefer ghosting

  23. too bad i’m gonna make synthetic titles to the jet. good luck flying MY jet, hahaha

  24. No TLDR? Also compelling write up, I personally don’t think it’ll take too long but I could be wrong.

  25. i doubt the entire float will need to be purchased to start a short squeeze, the tighter it gets the more money they have to continue to pump into their short positions. DRS is confirmed to work and has proven itself

  26. i try not to watch too much porn but I jerk to every book & drs post. i just can’t help myself

  27. if you are a wiz fan try “breath control” and “indica badu” both are great songs with logic.

  28. If this annoys you look at the coca bean texture the top texture doesnt align with the side texture

  29. the chiseled stone bricks is the most iconic offset I remember being posted frequently

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