Why BBBY might be the next GME

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  1. wow great save from your friend!! if that creeper blew up where it originally would have, all the items on the ground would’ve been deleted

  2. there is only one, but the basket is still gonna move together... so technically there isn’t only “one” but only one is going into the atmosphere

  3. Extra large jars of Mayonnaise tucked under each arm.

  4. the doj shorting probe is a rico case, it’s unfortunate i feel they won’t do the right thing….

  5. Not fast enough, he needs to drop look at me pt. 2 ASAP😤

  6. So they basically lighted a fire right under their feet?

  7. mojang has been less focal and also would never put negative word towards microsoft. wouldn’t be surprised if microsoft pushed them to say that, i mean they did get bought out.. unfortunately that’s how business works, don’t get me wrong i could be totally wrong, it’s just speculation from my perspective looking at microsoft and also mojangs actions from pre microsoft to post microsoft purchase

  8. it’s microsoft… unfortunately it’s safe to assume these features will be implemented into java. especially if a mod can bypass it, this means all realms and kid servers will stay nsfw free and like before most java servers will stay free speech

  9. Put it to a vote. Imo he was trying to help as much as possible while using a keyboard shortcut and shouldn’t be banned. You as well. Me as well. Let’s vote.

  10. bullish ape, starfish ape, how come they haven’t been banned? rules being enforced in hypocritical situations are making it hard to trust the mod team (again) ughhh

  11. Many, many warnings.

  12. so if he deserves a ban for “spamming”……. why don’t we just ban the bullish guy? is that not hypocritical of the admin team and their own rules?

  13. Lean wit me is winning but it feels like nearly everyone in the comments prefers righteous. We need another vote.

  14. why? the votes stand for themselves? who cares if people are vocal that’s why they vote

  15. The OG Version of burn wins hands down. Album version kinda sucks. I hate the gunshots everytime he says burn

  16. i disagree, they aren’t gunshots for one. secondly to go as far as “it sucks” just seems to be reaching. it didn’t take me long to get used to the album version and in fact.. i like it with the drums more than the OG version. just give some things time and don’t be so narrow minded

  17. I haven’t filed my taxes in 3 years…fuck America.

  18. it’s probably because you aren’t making/ thieving enough for them to worry about you. but when u try and sneak more than normal or try not to do taxes after moass. goodluck, US will want their portion

  19. Not in my name G 😉 best wishes on figuring out the loophole. I’ll continue to do what I’ve successfully done. Enjoy yourself.

  20. hahahahah good save on the edit, that first notification i got wasn’t gonna get what you wanted

  21. Yes, but for time being, that's a big impact with it's exposure to the younger generation and sandbox engine.

  22. not really, as a hard-core Java player, Microsoft is doing anything and everything to fuck over the community anyways. so seeing them taking anti-nft stand only makes sense

  23. Credit given where credit due. Bill's an old fart and is about to get steamrolled by Web3.

  24. in my car, with friends or by myself. i have 2 12” subwoofers in the back so it’s like a concert hall , plus i have limo tint windows so nobody can look at me and i’m never insecure. it’s extremely peaceful. ps: i do not endorse operating heavy machinery or vehicles while under the influence, bahaha gotta say that for legal reasons..

  25. could be today, could be tmr, but ones things for sure. we aren’t even close to the bottom

  26. Internalization anyone??? Shit just froze at 149.42. Afraid of 150?

  27. ultra scared. we battle $150 like 5 times a day. hedgies are so fukd. time to skrollll on zillow and play in my calculator. DRS!!

  28. I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed or not, but when you’re chilling in the menu sometimes your exp bar randomly goes up. That’s usually the indicator that the game ended and you got credit for playing it. It’s easier to notice when you haven’t unlocked all the golden eggs because then you could pay attention to the “games played” task

  29. i learned something new today! i thought the servers were always lagging and that’s why i’d get random xp

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