1. Mine was in the middle of COVID but all I had to do to get a sleep study done was talk to my pcp and say that my partner heard me gasping for air while sleeping.

  2. It was at 3pm, luckily I was on the 17th and was just able to finish.

  3. How were the mosquitos? As soon as the sun goes down it becomes a bloodbath over here

  4. Thank you for your time and words of wisdom.

  5. It’s apparent but I’ll throw in take care of your back as well. I had a few bulging disks recently and it’s been an annoying road to recovery.

  6. I realized that if you tap the left side of the screen (to turn back a page) the controls for the screen brightness are around the same area.

  7. I love this feature. The device is just kinda propped up on my blanket so that isn’t the culprit, I’m thinking I just need to accept it because I love the device otherwise

  8. I wear the same size and found the ones at Costco to fit me well surprisingly

  9. What worked for me yesterday was searching Libby on my phone for a book that’s available to borrow, then searching for it on my kobo via the store, and then tapping borrow under the three dots.

  10. I have been getting rhomboid pain near the shoulder blade at the start of my downswing on my lead side.

  11. Why set output profile to paper white 3 as opposed to kobo?

  12. Anyone have any good rhomboid stretches? The area underneath my shoulder blade has been buggin for a long time. Rolling a ball on it just feels good and doesn’t seem to be the solution

  13. I've had several of these scammers contact me by message on here. They're pretty easy to spot IMO. I just click their name and see they just joined (new account) so they're probably just churning reddit accounts. I've never been contacted by anyone that's actually established on here for scamming purposes.

  14. The last few recent ones for me had usernames that were random words followed by random numbers

  15. How’s the Amex plat/gold? Thinking about em, just wanted to know what’s the most efficient thing to redeem their points for.

  16. If you're confused about what you should do, a target date fund is nearly always a good option. It gives you aggressive investments when you're far away from retirement, and safer investments when closer to retirement.

  17. I’m putting money into vti, is that not the best option? I haven’t heard of half of those mutual funds

  18. The best thing about the psp was the modding scene. I bought mine because I found out I could put a snes emulator on it. There were definitely some great games for psp, but the only reason I bust it out nowadays is to play games on consoles that came out before it

  19. My goal: 5% on categories with $300+/month, 4% on $200+/month, 3% on $100+/month, and 2% everything else. I can do that with 4 cards, so that’s my limit. There’s no science behind those goals, they’re just what feels right for some reason.

  20. Injured lower back, disc. Out indefinitely.

  21. Take the necessary time friend. Disc injuries are no joke

  22. That stood out to me too. Wonder how much one needs to make to get a higher limit

  23. The theme song for the Weird Al Show, is actually the true biography.

  24. Automatically sang in the Beverly hillbillies tune, fit pretty well for the first few lines

  25. If you have a big purchase coming up soon I would get the CSR with 80K SUB offer. $550 AF but that is offset by the elevated SUB and $300 travel credit, plus you can potentially double dip on another $300 credit next year before you downgrade to CSP/CFF/CFU.

  26. How much time needs to go by between using the travel credit and downgrading?

  27. Be ready to jump the wall when they cut the lights for band entrance

  28. I’ve seen this happen at the forum before and there was someone who broke the fall of the jumper. They locked eyes and gave each other a head nod and the person up top jumped and it was the best part of the show

  29. I had a couple of months left on my ps plus membership and so the upgrade was only like $15 for the remaining time. Worth it if there are some games on ps plus extra that you want to play

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