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  1. Lmao whatever dude. Live your life thinking it has an actual impact on the grand scheme of things, if that’s how you cope with its inevitable futility. I have one single shot at existence and I’m not gonna waste it trying to “save the planet” or whatever

  2. Yeah eventually we will all fuck off and go back to the nothingness we came from. Might as well go out with a bang and live our lives to the fullest, don’t you think? Why limit ourselves to stop global warming, if one day the sun will grow enough to turn the whole planet into a sad pitiful ember? If I want that steak imma get it.

  3. You really believe that's what he meant ? Lol

  4. Guy's an ER doctor, of course he believes it. Dude is living in another realm of privilege.

  5. In other words, why invest in the American market at all anymore? Big players get to share profits and have any risk essentially be written off.

  6. That's it my new life goal is emigration to fucking canada. Imma learn French. Develop a marketable skill and sell most of my shit and fucking move sometime in the next 20ish years. I swear by this statement

  7. Look, not to be a buzzkill (and I'm sure things are pretty dire in the USA by comparison), but Canada is not all sunshine and rainbows. EU, Japan, or even Australia would all be better destinations.

  8. What in the world talking about?

  9. The good Stitzel-Weller stuff too lol. Exactly how Anthony would've wanted it.

  10. Matt Walsh is a self described fascist. If he’s comparing today to the freeing of concentration camps- then he should be devastated.

  11. Apparently Matt Walsh can tell you what a woman is, just not how to respect one.

  12. No, it covers 3 large, different STEM sectors between all of those people. I'm sorry man, but Canada is not the utopia you think it is. Travel to other places in Europe, the USA, Japan, even South Korea or Australia.

  13. Like the conservatives telling us to "get over it" or "learn to take a joke" when they start spewing bigoted garbage?

  14. A significant portion of the conservative party still can't figure out climate science or women's rights.

  15. The government is going to lose a lot of talent to the private sector in the next couple of years, which may actually be their plan.

  16. That's the plan now. Went back to school for a new degree (switching fields) then heading to the USA.

  17. It's not just the printing and covid issues. My coworkers are telling me that they haven't received a raise for the past 10 years.

  18. Nevermind raises, half of us out here can't even get reasonable employment. I've never seen such a huge population of university and graduate school degree holders (in everything from social studies, to finance, to STEM), with such a drastic shortage of employers to offer positions to them.

  19. Not everywhere. The US isn't one place.

  20. And it seems to run on Ontario time, so I'm at a 2 hour disadvantage to begin with . It's a complete joke

  21. Offices are mainly in Ottawa and Gatineau if I recall. Really there should be one for each major city in each province, or at least one in each of the provincial capitals.

  22. The world has become financialized sure. Capital makes more money than goods and services.

  23. Less than 40% showed up to vote in Ontario. No one cares. As long as they show up to collect their pay cheque nothing will stop Them.

  24. They didn't show up because the candidates are garbage. Name one leader of the Ontario parties that you would be enthusiastic about voting for? Also elections should be a paid holiday.

  25. Can you name one that’s better than Doug ford? I can name two.

  26. Hey, I voted NDP like always. But the sad fact is, Ontario NDP leadership is weak. It’s become blindingly obvious over the decades that Ontario voters don’t care about the issues much. Feed them reductive sound bites and taglines and make sure the average person isn’t starving or immediately inconvenienced during your party’s term and you’ll mostly be ok as a candidate.

  27. The above commenter is wrong, there was a crash and recession in Canada when the dot com bubble burst. It didn't last long though, as the housing and real estate bubble began ramping up a year or two later.

  28. Well, when MBS were being used as collateral for literally everything in the financial sector, a crash in the housing market dragged down everything else.

  29. I think we should stop stealing doctors from poor countries, and fund our own medical school programs.

  30. Oh my, then have your CEO go re-negotiate the contract. FFS.

  31. Guy is so far up corporate's asshole that he can't hear how dumb he sounds because his ears are filled with their shit.

  32. Pay near the same in taxes ≠ Get paid the same salary. Please read more critically.

  33. This is exactly the kind of single-minded, boneheaded thinking that will keep Canada in the economic gutter of the first world.

  34. And then you die, having spent your one life at a place you don’t like doing things benefiting god knows who for a chance to pay for a couple adventures so you can look back and say “Well we did some things didn’t we” even though you wasted the majority of it.

  35. Sometimes I wonder about things like this and how our ancestors would feel. Like if we could take an ancient Roman, Greek, or Chinese person and bring them to the current day. Show them all our machinery, automation, and advancements.

  36. Oh wow so blantons was $6 for a 750ml thats fantastic