1. I tried looking up a chart that explained this visually and still no solution in any corner of the internet.

  2. All of them are equally bad, if you go on youtube shorts or facebook reels they throw the ocasional girl thats barely wearing any clothes and leads to urges and therefore most likely relapse. No where is safe. The way to go about social media for me is just check my dm’s and messages. Never endlessly scroll through youtube shorts or anything. Thats how I relapsed yesterday

  3. Thank you I will take note of that and really hold back this time. My goal is to get through 3 days, then make that 7 then 30 then 60 then 90 and 100+ infinity. Nothing good comes out of PMO and watching anything related. Its so fucked how my dopamine reward system got hijacked by this evil industry that feeds off of misery and loneliness. Thank you so much for your advice man. It genuinely means a lot.

  4. I dont look at them all, that's for sure. Obviously people dont have to do what i think they should do, but some critiques are still valid regardless. It's perfectly debatable that memes, in this context of porn-addiction recovery (which is coupled with internet addiction), do more harm than good.

  5. ftma says:

    It's worth trying at least, it's only a matter of time before he "wakes up".

  6. Hey there, we have a really good AV that blocks everything, which is great because I have no ads when watching YouTube now and can’t get porn even if I wanted to :)

  7. I'm a dev and have no issues with this. I think it's more about your perspective. Stay strong!

  8. I'm giving you a target to complete. 3 days and 18 hours Hope u can hold

  9. See . Looks you have target to beat New target 3 days 20 hours

  10. Bro, push through it. I relapsed today and I completely regret it. Was also on a 3 day streak. Please do yourself a favor and do not relapse. It is not worth it. Even just going to sleep and not doing anything. My friend who is on a 400+ day streak told me today that we should “understand that today we might not feel good but tomorrow might be better” and you just gotta be positive about it. I hope you continue taking the right steps in your journey and stay strong

  11. Hmm, sex ed in Malaysia says masturbation is a dangerous thing.

  12. Bro, avoid PMO related stuff in all stimulant areas of your life. Auditory, physical and visual. Its key that during your reboot you control these urges so your brain disassociates urges with PMO or MO stuff. You can do this. You deserve better, do this for your future self if you can make it 90 days controlling your urges and all that you will win

  13. Thanks mate. One slight problem tho, I live in a strict no-sex/relationship before marriage country and thats my faith too I'm 16M so it'll at least he another 8 years until I get married. Weird af but it is what it is.

  14. Honestly thats better, good for you. But yeah PMO causes so much damage to the brain. Good luck on your journey. Doing anything except PMO or MO is the best all men can do. Stay strong

  15. The urges are normal, as a man one gets urges but you must learn to disassociate urges with PMO. Start associating urges with going out there and being productive. PMO or MO is not the way, might sound cold or rude but use that energy to go find a girlfriend and stop locking yourself in your room or wherever you are PMO’ing. Remember how shitty it feels. Channel the urges to productive activities, go for a walk then put time into whatever you want to accomplish. Hope that helps. You dont deserve to relapse, you deserve better.

  16. Happy for you but dont get cocky brother the Urges have a way of coming back when you least expect

  17. All good bro. It’s happened to me hundreds of times. Get back in it and keep goin. Don’t lose faith. This time you got it

  18. Thank you fam, I got 1 day in and Im feeling optimistic. Good luck on your journey 💪

  19. It differs from one to another and it can happen at any point of time even without feeling depressed. However it is not common to happen during the first week because your testosterone level is still going up. Anyways It doesn't matter and you are lucky because you don't experience any urge !

  20. Thank you for the guidance! I mean I kind of did have slight urges but they were mild. I just have a different mindset now since I’ve been on nofap for like 15 days now. Relapsed a couple of times before but I’ve been getting into body building recently I think this is what helps me a lot to regulate the urges. I dont know if this has happened to you before but when I get urges now I kind of associate them with negative thoughts as in I know its not good for me so joining the NoFap subreddit has made some type of rewiring in my brain. I think its cus I remember all the suffering I’ve read in this community. Its so evil what porn companies are doing.

  21. You'll know you're in a flatline when you don't feel any urge at all and you just feel kind of mildly depressed.

  22. Thank you I’ll mentally prepare to cope with that phase in the future. Stay strong

  23. Imagine how shitty its going to feel having to reset your day counter and taking a loss like that

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