1. When it's abysmal earnings, companies will schedule the ER on a Friday after-hours or before a holiday. They scheduled their ER on Monday morning next week. Blue Apron has already communicated that they expect to miss earnings, but I do not expect a blood bath of results.

  2. Anyone familiar with that color?

  3. Pretty generous classifying this as DD. πŸ˜‚

  4. Sanberg probably can't talk openly about APRN as he most likely has insider knowledge of the company. He used to have tweets about Blue Apron but had to go back and scrub everything.

  5. Any explanation of what actually happened today?

  6. APRN announced a possible dilution of the stock up to a $15M value. Along with the news that Sanberg is late on delivering the money for the PIPE agreement. Massive amounts of shorts were taken out and there was a massive drive down in price with new shorts/people panic-selling.

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