1. This really stood out to me! I feel like JS and JD are the ones most likely getting harassed if anything, however they’ve been cleared…so they’re not technically potentially involved? Hmmmm

  2. police can lie about people being cleared, or can go back to looking into them so

  3. I’m aware they can. I just found the wording to be odd as I assumed this mostly relates to one of the Jack’s/Jake’s but they’ve been “cleared”, so Moscow PD wouldn’t be referring to them as “potentially involved parties”. Perhaps there are others being harassed..

  4. No way is it being obstructed. I see a light that fades out too. What could produce that fading appearance? Shift from flashlight?

  5. I was a platinum member previously, but I downgraded because I wasn’t traveling enough to justify the annual fee.

  6. You were able to keep the companion tickets although you downgraded? When I told them I wanted to downgrade, they told me I’d forfeit all of my companion tickets.

  7. FYI - I upgraded with the 100 points, however there seems to be a glitch in the system when using points. I received an email saying my payment wasn’t processed, but my points were deducted and my seats were released. Customer service is aware of this and they noted it’s been happening with point purchases so I had to call for them to manually assign the seats.

  8. I'm happy to tell you it's actually way better than you've described. At any time you want after booking, to switch your seats to even more space, which you can buy for you and any of your companions for only 100 points (essentially a dollar). Then, they give you back your 100 points.

  9. Thankfully they were able to help me out.

  10. Awesome! Did you give them a specific reason why you were requesting an extension? I haven’t had any luck finding available flights so I may end up losing mine.

  11. You are literally me. I am in this exact position. I started therapy, but honestly don’t feel like it’s helping much. I absolutely do think I’m depressed, and feel stuck. I dont know what to do.

  12. Get a life. All you’ve been doing is editing your comments back and forth and trying to spin the narrative. She’s 100% vegan - end of story and I can attest to that as I’ve known her for over a decade. Stop hating on her success and get yourself a hobby and life while at it.

  13. ABSOLUTELY! She’s extremely successful and well known in Westchester and she’s only going to continue going up from here.

  14. Not through the company site, but if you have the corporate codes you can use them.

  15. The dealer I went to had the Preferred and the CE for the same price. I originally was going to decide between the Preferred and the Select. But the CE won me over and the rest is history

  16. If you don’t mind sharing, did you lease your new CE? If so, what is your monthly cost?

  17. I did lease. I traded in my 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan SE and specifically requested $0 down and as close to my Volkswagen lease as I could get. After some haggling, we got it to under $400/month (around $380ish). My partner thought he could haggle them further but I was happy and that seemed like a fair trade.

  18. Thank you! I’m looking to lease one soon and trying to gauge what a reasonable monthly cost would be.

  19. I must have emailed them every 3-4 weeks for a status update haha.

  20. There was something up with the site. It seems to be working now. Check your NTS again!

  21. I got that exact research question! I remember searching a key phrase under “exact phrase” and it came up right away. I forgot what my exact key phrase was but the sentence in the question ended up being word for word in the guidance so I answered that right away and moved on. I hope it wasn’t a trick question 😫 (I find out my score next week)

  22. My sister had a couple boyfriends living with her at our parents house. Then they'd have a dramatic break up. My parents never had cause to want to contact the boyfriend when he didn't return. They often simply thought "good fucking riddance", their minds never would have gone to the idea of boyfriend being missing or something like that. To me, it seemed perfectly reasonable that the Laundries wouldn't be concerned about Gabby. I mean whose first thought is that their child murdered someone?

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