1. A guy was ran over in New year's eve and flew couple meters

  2. Have cheap or decent price of education or health insurance

  3. Simplicity it's a trait that not many people think but is hella good

  4. Rey te recomiendo que uses tinder. A mi me funciono estaba igual como en tu situación. Lo empecé a usar y hablé con un par de chicas pero no paso nada hasta que tuve una cita con una nos gustamos y 5 años después ya estamos casados ❤️

  5. The principal and the sub-principal were stealing almost the whole money til the point of going to bankruptcy.

  6. Rock/crystal hunting Investigate True crime and paranormal stuff Taking pictures

  7. Now a days you cannot do eye contact with females bc they will consider you as a creep.

  8. When she touched me the shoulder ,so I can turned to see her for the first time. saw her all beautiful, so perfect I just knew everything was worth it!

  9. Go to target. It's a really good pay to start. I worked as an amazon delivery and tbh it sucks you gonna destroy your body for nothing same as working in the warehouse there's no way to get a better position in there .

  10. Ok thanks. Have you worked for Target before? Is it as simple a job as Amazon? And do you think that what Target pays over Amazon merits driving almost 20 extra miles per day round trip? Thanks

  11. I worked at walmart close enough. And yeah its easier and you gonna meet a lot of cool peope there. In your case yes I highly recommend you to go to target. Not only for the pay, but also physically you going to be better at target. Wish you the best

  12. Whats the candy that have bad time management? The chocoLATE

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