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  1. Not sure if you've ever worked retail, but not everything can go to a food bank.

  2. I have, and understand that. But if you've volunteered at a food bank you'll know they aren't very strict with expiration dates, especially since most are not based on actual science.

  3. Expiration dates aren't the only factor. But as another commenter said, these may be for pickup.

  4. It's just a movie that got some buzz in the West. I've seen like 60 Korean films and I don't think about this one much. There's plenty of more critically acclaimed Korean films. This one just got some Western buzz.

  5. All of the other 4th gen competition has crushed them for the moment. They're definitely switching concepts if they ever do make a comeback. Sad because I love those girls.

  6. Sideways (2004) - Two men reaching middle age with not much to show but disappointment embark on a week-long road trip through California's wine country.

  7. I thought it was pretty good overall. They performed it so many times they had to switch up from the initial concept. I liked their

  8. They are usually staffed 50% part-time to full-time with hourly employees so this is definitely exaggerated. I noticed it used to take a couple years (maybe 3-4) to get FT but i see people getting it a lot faster now, like 1-2 yrs, especially if you take up a position thats considered undesirable: maintenance and food-court are two examples ive noticed at a few warehouses.

  9. 1-2 years is forever when rent is due.

  10. Downvoted for asking a question you knew the answer to rather than just posting the video.

  11. There's still mostly "pure" kpop. I'd say Blackpink is very Western, but groups like NMIXX, Red Velvet, and aespa are very kpop. If kpop for Western ears was a class of drugs, Blackpink would be marijuana and aespa would be fentanyl.

  12. Don't know about Nmixx, but SM artists in general sound quite 'Western' to me. After all, they work with a lot of Western producers and songwriters, and honestly the whole concept of SM came from Lee Soo-man's experience when he was in college in California. SMTown coming from Motown, you know.

  13. Nah, SM has tons of weird sounds that wouldn't be played on American radio. Check out the making of 'Bad Boy' to hear producers explain this.

  14. Hearing her English in that latest video really messed me up. I view her totally differently now.

  15. Please don't give out cats to random people. It's very dangerous for the cats to do that. Thanks for getting them, though. Taking them to an animal shelter is the last step. At animal shelters they have a vetting process for adopters so the cats have a better chance of going to a good home.

  16. Be careful just giving cats to random people. Shelters have a vetting process that helps protect the welfare of the cat. You could always take these cats to a shelter if you're not prepared to do that vetting process.

  17. These 3 kittens & 1 mom were abandoned just before it got cold. I had just enough time to throw a heater in my garage for these guys but they can't come in the house (im renting). If anyone has shelter information please help.

  18. Do you have access to the internet? Google Maps search "animal shelter". I don't know where you live. Please don't give out cats to random people. It's very dangerous for the cats to do that. Thanks for getting them, though. Taking them to an animal shelter is the last step.

  19. I know much worse happens in professional kitchens, but the open cans with cans stacked right on top makes me uneasy

  20. This is what happens when your business model is hiring cooks with zero experience. I've seen lots of stuff in professional kitchens, but this one is new.

  21. Yeah. The old hands in a kitchen don't like it when you point out their habits that are causing cross contamination.

  22. Veteran cooks in an actual kitchen usually don't do stuff like this to begin with because it's tedious and likely to fall over, along with the fact that it's not clean. What I was pointing out with Costco is that their business model is to hire people with no cooking experience because everyone at Costco starts at 0. New hires with no interest in cooking end up in the kitchen.

  23. I hate when people don't post sources. So I tracked it down for us.

  24. Taco Time is super nostalgic for me. Don't care if it's "authentic".

  25. Talk to Me, Blue Lemonade, Bad Boy, You Better Know, Red Flavor, Really Bad Boy

  26. Does Kazuha have top veneers? Almost looks like she's wearing invisalign on her top teeth.

  27. People working in the entertainment industry around the world seem to have a higher rate of age-gap relationships. The kpop fanbase has a lot of young girls who think this is gross when it happens in kpop, specifically when the man is older.

  28. I remember when Not Shy came out and I kept comparing it to my three most nostalgic ITZY songs- Icy, Dalla Dalla and Wannabe. Now that I look back, I was crazy to compare it and now I realize the greatness of Not Shy.

  29. Kinda sad in this situation, but Weeekly forgot Ven Para. I wish they could have rode the success of After School. The 4th gen competition seems to have crushed them.

  30. Making a batch of stew like this takes 5-10 minutes of total prep time and would require about $12 worth of ingredients if you were lazy and used baby carrots and a packet of seasoning, I'd guess more like $10 otherwise.

  31. You can make 5 lbs of stew with 5 minutes of prep time? You have super powers.

  32. Maybe you're hanging out with leftists? In some polls, Koreans almost have a more favorable view of America than Americans do.

  33. No, what Tim said was that he had just gotten out of a long term relationship when he met Chia and wanted to date other people for a while which she knew and was cool with. But then they had a serious conversation after a while where she expressed she wanted their relationship to be exclusive and he was ready for it too so he stopped dating other.

  34. He admitted that he was having sex with other women for years as he was dating Chia.

  35. Chia was exclusive, but he wasn't. For years. He's a scum bag.

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