1. Headed there for a sale today!!! great people

  2. My buddy was dabbling with getting a st羹ndenglass if they werent $500. I did see a smoke shop letting them go for $400. Is it worth the insane price?

  3. I can't answer that question. I think it's over priced but I have extra money to waste. No you can't have any>>>LOL

  4. Not even one hit ): on a serious note it seems like they use top notch materials and a lot of the high society smokers like wiz khalifa and seth rogen have been using them

  5. I don't know who those two people are. Heard thier names but nothing more than that.

  6. Thanks, this setup works very well but not as well as my Mighty and Stunden glass.

  7. Look into the Flowerpot Vaporizer from Cannabis Hardware. Just got my b2 in today, haven't gotten to use it yet but will let you know how it goes! If you don't plan on doing concentrates you can get a b1, but from what I hear the pull is better on the b2 all around. It hooks up to most 20mm barrel style enails and comes with a lot of cool parts. Had a ton of people recommend it to me.

  8. What I really liked was the G PEN CONNECT VAPORIZER that fit right on the Stundenglass bong, but it's for concentrates which I do not use.

  9. Jesus am I reading those terpenes percentages wrong or are they that high. Looks great.

  10. I can't answer that but I am high, high, high.

  11. Helmet was delivered today, great fit, very light. First full face helmet.

  12. You aren't going to find a pistol that goes through a plate. The 5.7 will shred soft body armor, but that's not the issue. You can shoot them in other places. The pelvis, neck, face, and arm pits. Shooting from cover is your best bet when defending from an armored attacker. Shooting them from behind is even better if you don't mind legal problems, but you can still justify that.

  13. These f#@ktard active shooters never been shot and most give up once bullets start flying there direction. Carry a handgun and focus on shot placement.

  14. Nothing wrong with this strain as far as I experienced.

  15. You'd have to inspect more than one area of one bud to determine that. But yes with my Samsung 21 I can really get good close ups and a lot of the bud I have seen was picked too early by many growers.

  16. Just so everyone knows I took all these pics with my cell phone.

  17. For this people, some terps cause irritation of sorts while others act just the opposite.

  18. Their website indicates that they are botanically derived terpenes meant for ingestion, but can be added to vape/e-juice. I didnt see anything about vaping their mix directly or adding it to distillate, but it also looks like they dont have additives in their bottles.

  19. Yes I mix the terps with soda or alcohol and ingest them. Medically they work well. There is no buzz but I am looking for relief.

  20. Im glad to hear that they are working when ingested. How do they taste? Did it seem like they delivered a pure product without additives? Did it provide you similar relief to when using flower or other THC included extracts? Did you have to use a lot?

  21. They add some flavor but not over powering. They are very potent so caution when mixing. They are not water soluble but mixing with soda works well. So far I have only one drop per 4oz of soda and only once a day. Yes I do feel some relief from anxiety but I am also vaping so un sure how much of it is the straight terp.

  22. The capsules work fine when you're on-the-go! But I just fill the oven while I'm at home a little bit better flavor and a little bit longer session because you put a little more herb in.

  23. Try 160C to start. This is where the terps really shine. Hit it 3/4 times. Then make 10C moves up the scale. 160/170 is Terp Town with the right herb going in.

  24. Just tried startibg at 160簞C and a whole new world of terps has presented itself. Thank you!

  25. is it the burnt popcorn flavor? I find that tends to present a lot with Electric model vapes. The ovens just cant help but cook the exterior of the bud faster IMO. I switched to Dynavaps which use torches or induction heaters for extraction. I have not had "popcorn" bud like my Pax3 made since i switched. I now experience the full flavor profile of my bud with incredible similarity to how it smells on the nose. My current fave is pineapple upside down cake from BR it tastes like the cake with a bit of marchino cherry and everything

  26. I use the small aluminum vented containers in my Magic. No flower directly touches the oven.

  27. You all are in for a real rude awakening when you try to do this at your house with how you complain about the current prices. Lol buckle up. Ain't as easy as one thinks.

  28. I've worked as a grower in greenhouses that were up to 60 acres under glass. For me, a few weeds growing at home would be easy. But they are live plants and need plenty of attention every single day. No days off, no weekends...

  29. I asked at my dispensary and they accomodated my request.

  30. Their second breakfast and blueberry cookies have some solid linalool

  31. There is next to no credible research on cannabis, due to its federal illegal status.

  32. Level variance is understandable but we all could use more info on dominant terps in a particular strain.

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