1. Take it out of the vise and make sure the vise isn't blocking the cam lol

  2. Unfortunately not I'm afraid, the cam didn't turn at all and was still loose or maybe not unfortunately as I would not be responsible for my my action if that's was the case haha

  3. Shame haha, yeah something is probably underset then. Go through with a deep hook and check all of them with some jiggle

  4. Definitely one of the most impressive projects I've seen in this community. Great work mate

  5. 1,3,5 are very lazy single serrations, imo do more to them. The rest are pretty decent

  6. Looks like a clone of the abloy profile, will need a specialised tool that will be quite hard to make. Look up disc detainer locks and abloy profile for more info.

  7. Small steps til blue, then each after that the jump gets a little bigger. Never twice as hard though.

  8. That’s a sexeh pick handle right there. That abalone really pops next to the polished black. Well done on putting that together.

  9. Tbh just get a vise, you'll need it for harder locks anyways

  10. I have a couple big bench vises that my wife would not be happy with me bringing into the house... But I'm looking at the panavise.

  11. Looks pretty good, I'd like room for more pins

  12. Most euros need you to push it in to engage the cam.

  13. That cursed milling peace does to get enormous false sets of death

  14. Purple, equivalent to assa 600. If it doesn't have the word "restricted" in name it's black though.

  15. Effectively it's just an MTL? It's literally just 5 pin in pins that are easy to access and tension, the only challenge is just tolerances.


  17. Lol. That is possibly the most pointless thing I have ever seen. So pick resistant only a tiny handful of the most skilled pickers could open it but thin enough any idiot could cut it.

  18. Oh yeah, I mean it's a total ripoff for practical use but it's a funny tidbit of most secure small padlock

  19. This is the Classic Abloy padlock that has been in sales for decades and still is. It’s used for sheds and other low security places. The model is something like 100 years old.

  20. That appears to be the handle designed and produced by tarehjerne.

  21. Yes in deed, he dose awesome machine work and is a great guy to do business with. Would highly recommend buying one of his picks if you can afford it.

  22. Use heavier tension on the 64ti, they're annoying.

  23. 2 locks with similar names. If the word restricted is in the name, its equivalent to the assa 600 with barrels at purple. If not, its equivalent to the assa twin V10 at black.

  24. Oh? The original Bowley design seemed to get a lot of attention. Maybe they seem more like novelties?

  25. Bowley locks in general are disappointments. Sharp edges, bad manufacturing, unhardened shackles, lacking drill protection, and they feel shit to use on top of it all.

  26. I think abloy classic is the superior core for nearly all use cases. I'm definitely an abloy fan boy.

  27. If I had my way we'd be using chubb detector padlocks so fair enough haha

  28. heh, both of those picks are several years old, even the unused one. I already have a small pile of spares.

  29. Nowadays we have law lock tools, multipick, southord(slimlines), jimylongs which are all excellent.

  30. What would be the best/strongest way to attach a 4mm steel post to a 4mm ID steel tubing without permanent damage and in a removable way? I was thinking hot glue, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

  31. Check your tensioner is only touching the first disc and not the first 2

  32. I just realized how much of a goof I am 🥸 I misunderstood and thought "ejector pins" meant make it have quick/easy swap tips hence the grub/machine screw response. I'm sorry. The ejector pin idea is great though, I'll see if I can scavenge one from my parts bin and give it a shot. Thank you!

  33. They are super hard steel, Ive just made some new disc detainer picking tips with them.

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