1. I can measure again tomorrow when i'm at work. But it isn't a pencil barrel, that much is clear.

  2. Appreciate it. We get the heavy barrels or the pencil barrels here. The heavy are ok but feel much better if it’s profiled down some. Curious what size yours are there comparably

  3. It's 18mm in front of the gas block, and 22mm after .

  4. Would love the SF optic too. Any way to get more of them? Looks great!

  5. I’ve since learned that Condor makes them and they’re not official Beretta or used by them at all other than providing them with the commercial market. Previously was thinking they were a nicer Beretta sling lol

  6. Been looking for one of these for awhile too. I found the Bulgarian mount for it but no optic. Seen forum sale posts from a few years ago but none recent.

  7. On the files awhile ago. Will let you know if I see another one

  8. I don't think they were ever a good price to begin with. 2.9k is the best you'll find probably

  9. Yeap agreed. Lowest I see is like one place at 3150 and one at 3500. Was hoping for sub 2900 but may not be that lucky.

  10. Looks great, good job. Really envious of the handguard and rail setup.

  11. That would be nice if not for the $$$ lol. I have the FN one made for Steyr but unfortunately didn’t come with the brake

  12. That would be nice if not for the $$$ lol. I have the FN one made for Steyr but unfortunately didn’t come with the brake

  13. Any markings on them? From the welds, they do look Romanian

  14. I haven’t seen this exact one but per the guide on the files, it looks close to Iraqi or Pakistani. Would make sense with the Arabic on it

  15. Assume these have the newer lighter profile barrels?

  16. Thank you. This may be a dumb question but other than the lack chrome lining, would the new lighter barrel be the same as the 416? If going for a clone or still need reprofiled some way?

  17. I’ve been looking for a year and haven’t had a chance except at $4K. But Ive seen multiple people on forums get them around $3k lately so there’s hope, I just don’t know where at lol

  18. I always associate the brown leather circle 10 marked slings with bulgy Type 3. If not that, then an early darker green Bulgarian sling, slightly different color than the current slings that come with the Sams

  19. Looks good! Wire stock makes it unique compared to most other Romy Rpk. Wish they’d import more Rpk.

  20. Looks like the Zastava M05E3. Would love if they brought them and the M21 in

  21. Interesting, I was just looking at the M21 on their site. Do you know if there's a particular reason for it not having a rear sight?

  22. That’s interesting, I hadn’t noticed the rear sight was like that

  23. They might be slow to respond this week due to shot show but they’re legit.

  24. Would love a sam5sf but hate to see what it would cost 🙁

  25. Exactly what he said, remove three rivets and install new rear trunnion. If you want it to be accurate for a beryl, you would need the beryl trunnion with the little nub. Sbr and then attach with two screws.

  26. Doesn’t look to be offered anymore. I’ll get a pic of it later today

  27. Thanks. Was just curious since all his other tooling is superb

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