1. Yes Bhelen is better for Orzammar, and the dwarves in general. Also he is an evil bastard who killed biot of his brothers. Harrowmont is the worse choice, but he is simply useless not evil.

  2. Harrowmont supported a tradition where Casteless are treated worse than trash. He would sooner let Orzammar fall before asking the Casteless for help.

  3. Bhelen is a kinslayer while Harrowmont endorses a system where Casteless are treated worse than trash. Both of them are morally bankrupt, but Bhelen at least had the making of a good ruler.

  4. Probably because they had to accomodate for the range of their spells.

  5. I would rank the members of Class VII into the following tiers (however I am not ranking the members inside rach Tier since I feel that we lack most infos to determine the exact positioning):

  6. Crow and Duvalie managed to stall McBurn, Ines and Enna long enough for NC7 to beat some sense into Rean. I think he is at least as strong as the other heavy hitters like Rean, Gaius, Laura and Emma.

  7. You forgot to mention Celine was helping out there too. Considering Emma always talks about how she tries to suppress McBurn's flames(which is probably where her Zodiac Force Brave Order's magical absorption properties are supposed to reflect), Celine probably helped alot.

  8. I was talking about the earlier part where Crow and Duvalie fought a 2v3 battle to help berserk Rean reach his students.

  9. More information is needed, but from what I can gather:

  10. Maruki is available almost every day after September 20th. Before that, his usual free time is in Monday and Friday, like you said.

  11. -50 makes the gap much smaller if you wished to climb to Class A. But if you are hopelessly low, then the +50 should be better.

  12. In both cases, it is a net positive of 50 points by comparison with class d, but one option has a larger total number of points moved. I have a lot of reading to catch up on, so I don't know how any of this crap actually works. If class points are a currency or resource of some kind, removing points from every other class is far more practical than giving yourself a few points.

  13. 1 Class Point = 100 Private Points monthly income.

  14. No, Alistair will not leave the party even if you have maximum negative approval (believe me, I tried). He only leaves if you recruit Loghain at the Landsmeet.

  15. He does bring stability and he didn't kill his brothers. While Behlen is something like Robespierre.

  16. It's the opposite, check the epilogue again. Bhelen was the one who brought stability for the dwarves, while Harrowmont only took them further into decline.

  17. Well in hindsight yes. But I was basing what's hard and not on not knowing the outcome already.

  18. Harrowmont supported a tradition where they would rather die than ask the Casteless/Surface for help. That alone should give you enough red flags. The dwarves had a thousand years and they are still trapped in one city; the last thing they need is another ruler who's stuck in the old ways.

  19. Paying him doesn't solve anything. Haven't you learned from the student we interrogated at school? They used the photo of him with the drug to continue blackmailing him.

  20. The armor is called Superior Battlemaster Mail (NOT Armor, different model) with Battlemaster Mail Arms/Legs upgrades.

  21. Morgana calls Ryuji lazy throughout the entire game. Calling him useless after constant bombardments of needless insults is not unreasonable. Of everyone, Morgana is the most toxic person on the team. If the writers wanted me on Morganas side, they should have made Morgana a nice character to Ryuji to actually make Ryujis comment meaningful.

  22. So it’s okay for Morgana to be truthful, but when Ryuji does it it’s too much? Because by that point Morgana is completely useless outside of being a car.

  23. It's not like they could do anything for Akechi at the time, him being dead and all. They already grieved for him once, plus they were immediately occupied with helping Joker out of juvie.

  24. Idk it just leaves me unsatisfied. Akechi and Joker could have had a last look at one another like, this is it, go get him or something as a last scene for him. But no it’s him cramped in a helicopter…

  25. Oh I dunno, the private conversation we had with Akechi on February 2nd was beautifully done and voiced. Tearful farewell and cliched BS is not really Akechi style; and the man himself said he didn't want to be pitied. Mercy is just an insult to his resolve.

  26. I consider every route where you don't hear "I Believe" in the final heist as the true bad ending.

  27. Except I already maxed Councillor confidant, meaning I'm locked to the true ending.

  28. Yep, got so fed up trying to hit Home Run that I just used a cheat table and raised the counter to 29.

  29. Works just fine for me, checked just now. It seems that there is a problem from your side

  30. Are you sure? I checked the status on Xbox live and Persona 5 Royal is still unavailable. I'm stuck at syncing data, but the other game runs just fine.

  31. Yes, I checked this as well. Actually, it shows like this problem first appeared on the launch date of the game. So I don't know what more to say about it. I just played for 2hrs and everything works fine

  32. Solved the issue by closing Gaming Service from the Task Manager.

  33. You still have a bit over two weeks. Plenty of time to get his rank 8, especially if you choose the right dialogue answers or use the Affinity Reading from Fortune confidant.

  34. Among the characters you mentioned, Ichinose is probably the only I could outsmart. Wouldn't go so far as to call her dumb, but her tendency to protect her friends makes her predictable.

  35. Is Kaguya Picaro good enough?

  36. Good enough. Shining Arrow is one of the best skills in the game: stronger than God's Hand at 4 hits & stronger than Hassou Tobi at 8 hits.

  37. If your enemy is targeting you and not the warrior in your party, then something is very wrong.

  38. Well doors of hades is pretty good, almighty damage with insta kill. And he's just so cool.

  39. It looks pretty dope, I'll give you that. But Door of Hades is really just a slightly weaker Megidola + Mamudoon; and his trait is worse than Spell Master.

  40. Yeah but if you can get omen onto him you have a damaging skill with a pretty good chance of insta-kill that also hits opponets who would normally be immune to bless/curse. He's not crazy by dlc standards but he can still be really good. Though you can't get omen early on so doing that on a first playtrough is unrealistic.

  41. But the insta kill part is kinda redundant when you can wipe enemies all the same with a fully boosted Megidolaon and Auto-Concentrate, regardless of resistance.

  42. I haven't had any problems with those basic persona though in previous palaces. Kinda like pokemon, I have leveled them up and they have helped me through mementos and previous palaces

  43. But that's not how the game was supposed to be played. There's a reason why the game forced us to fuse Arsene away in the beginning; and why they gave us 12 Persona slots. Sure, you can capture Personas through negotiation, but the best ones are created by fusions. You could handpick the best skills and trait for your Persona and tailor them for a specific role.

  44. Please realize I am new to persona. This is my first playthrough. Thank you for the advice

  45. I know. I'm just trying to tell you to spend some time in the Velvet Room and learn its features. The rest will come naturally.

  46. Or you can just say "screw this" and summon Izanagi no Okami from the compendium.

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