Times Square Tonight (OC)

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  1. Agreed!! Aside from the ungodly wait on Thanksgiving day(it can go 2+ hours, seriously), it’s quite a worthwhile experience…did it ten years ago with my spouse and we had a blast. Enjoy!!

  2. Two British guys sat next to us. They're here visiting and didn't know it was Thanksgiving. It was their first turkey dinner. Pretty funny explaining all the dishes to them.


  4. Thank you for telling me about this place! Seems perfect for me. Grampa had a farm and it'd be really nice to be around the animals and know we're not going to kill them at some point. I'm weird I know but i love the smell of cow manure in the morning lol. : )

  5. Mind sharing your experience?

  6. It's about 45 minutes from Nashville. A large farm that's an animal refuge. You can visit on Sundays and pet the animals. Really enjoyed it. Titan up!

  7. Had our pre-wedding dinner there. Seven of us sat at the chef's table downstairs. One of the best meals of my life.

  8. We all knew Downing couldn't sustain a successful drive...

  9. What's wrong with an on ramp/off ramp at every block right in the heart of downtown?

  10. Tell me more! What other restaurant here would you compare it to? Trying to decide if I should add it to my list of places to try

  11. We're so skeptical of new restaurants, honestly. We usually give spots a few weeks before we try them. Been burned and disappointed too many times. But, dang, they're running a well-oiled machine. I'd expect nothing less at the Four Seasons. Calamari was a little too salty, if you need a negative. Caviar pasta (not pictured) was one of the best dishes I've had in my life.

  12. Yep, ragweed and grass pollen have been bad the past couple of weeks.

  13. Thanks! It's been bad the past couple of weeks.

  14. Not sure why this is trending. What's the significance?

  15. They were VERY popular in the early two thousands and got back together about three years ago. They finally decided after ten years to start touring again! It’s incredibly momentous in the rock industry.

  16. As a local who works downtown, I have been to P&L once since they opened in that building. We went to the dive bar that predated them (the name escapes me) regularly. P&L had meh food, service and atmosphere - think of all the other places downtown to get a better taco.

  17. I mean. Yeah. The billboard is an issue. But, wait! There's more! My wife and I have been in those houses... and holy Pythagorean theorem, the angles. It's the craziest shit you've ever seen. There are no right angles. It's all obtuse. No idea how they function as actual houses.

  18. I need this for my office! Dope artwork 🔥

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