1. It took me a long time to learn how to talk as a little one because my ears were so waxy. My mom was horrified that they’d gotten so bad when the doctor flushed them, and now I have a complex about keeping my ears clean with swabs and bobby pins because my sister (11 years older than me) would put my head on her lap and go fishing for ear wax. Anyway once my ears were clean I stopped mumbling and started speaking in full sentences.

  2. This is absolutely stunning. Is it weird her armpits are my fave??

  3. Along with a lot of the advice on coconut oil, once it’s a few months old all healed up and no longer feeling delicate make sure you really take your time massaging the oil in. A quick pass over won’t do as much as actively rubbing and massaging the tissue.

  4. Avocado. Or, Avocato. (Totally stole that name from Final Space.)

  5. I picked it up in about 2009, I had moved overseas but my visa didn’t allow me to work. Painfully bored, I found some YouTube videos and went from there.

  6. I don’t think it’s weird because I’ve always been like this, but I have different preferences in men than most women I know. I like short, stocky/chubby, super hairy guys. You can keep Henry Cavill and give me Jack Black. My husband is my absolute perfect, charismatic tasty snack and I love his short hairy dadbod for eternity.

  7. Whenever someone mentions the God Dionysus I immediately picture Jack Black.

  8. I’ve always been really self conscious of my two top front teeth. Thank you for saying something nice about crooked teeth <3

  9. This happened to me too while I was sleeping in a basement, the window was high in the wall and I was down low to the floor. She divebombed me and landed with her full 18 lbs from 5 feet above. I was okay, and she almost got donated to the garbage man

  10. I scrolled through all these photos and cried. I have tears going down my face in confusion.

  11. I saw two photos of bathrooms. Bathroom photos are my favourite. Why did they deny me bathroom photos????

  12. I dream about bathrooms and stuff all the time and this picture makes me wonder if I’m awake or not

  13. I’d buy a Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. Metal dance pad and all.

  14. If only we could live our lives with comfortable soft cushions tied to our bodies for such instances. I’m sorry you are hurting :(.

  15. If you feel like being a little wild, you could quietly elope and send a generic announcement of your union. Wild may not have been the right word to describe this idea.

  16. Three promised to other people and unstarted, two unpromised and half done.

  17. Ok so tell me more about this grease pen system. I usually see things I would want marked as BS (which I always laugh and because their pricing is lol). What does that mean?

  18. YTA. I still hold my mom’s hand when we go shopping together… I’m in my mid 30’s. I don’t know how much time I have with her and I cherish every moment. My mom is the most wonderful person in the world. I’d be devastated if she told me she didn’t want to hold my hand anymore.

  19. My family got a bidet a year ago and DAMN it has made life so much nicer. Instead of a shredded butthole from aggressive wiping, it’s a cool little jet of soothing water before a gentle pat down. I agree, bidets need to be in more public places.

  20. Anything with a lot of colour changes. I hate changing colours and can’t even explain why.

  21. I don't think Coach Steve belongs behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

  22. My functioning is so inconsistent that my strengths are simply not there some days. I feel unreliable and like I can't say anything good about myself for fear that I won't show up the way I say I will.

  23. I’m in a very similar position. Been out of work for a year now, and struggle to hold onto employment for longer than 18 months. I’m looking at going back to school on a reduced course load as a mature student. I hope to get scholarships and bursaries to cover a portion of my costs, but I’m going for a certificate in Medical Language to become a work-from-home medical transcriber. I wonder if pursuing some sort of certificate online may be something to your benefit? I struggle with online study but do well with online work, so I will be going into class for my certificate- I’ll also have supports from the university to help me with my course load as a person with disabilities. If I miss a class, I can get notes or oral presentation. (I’m hoping to start in May!)

  24. I was knocked out, had my surgery, woke up, was medicated until I insisted on getting my catheter out- and then I managed the rest of my recovery with cannabis. The nurses were lovely and rolled me down into the court yard for me to have my weed.

  25. My house is only 80 years old but the last person on it just wrecked the floors. Instead of taking the time to refinish the once gorgeous hardwood they just threw too much glue and some tiles down. The tiles are coming up, there’s old glue residue stains… that’s just the floor.

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