1. Lol , I just got to know what " I second this " mean , lol sorry for the miss understood, second language

  2. I like listening to music and daydreaming. I love making animatics. I also really love going out with friends but they don’t wanna go out that often. Even when they do, they want to stay at one place but I wanna go all over town. Right now I am into reading, writing, and I am also into a YouTube channel called Explore With Us.

  3. I really liked your personality , you sound so fun , I want someone to take me all over the town lol , I do write and read too and I'm 9w8, I always liked 7s they're charming, keep going ❤️ I hope you had a great day.

  4. Omgggg cool! Are you an INFP? I just checked your profile. I’ve only met mean INFPs so maybe you can be the first good one I meet! ✨

  5. Lol , no I'm not an infp , I'm an entp and I know it's rare for my type to have such an enneagram but I guess I have well developed Fe and I'm very withdrawn but nothing is stable i can turn to a devil in a minute lol, you ??

  6. I wanna have a job like the one you have lol, I agree with what you said, my first love ever was an Esfj male lol and am an entp female i kinda understand the compo lol, to answer your question, yes I do have this sadness feelings that keeps coming all the time but I'm trying lol and I'm doing good somehow, about helping others and you came to do something I totally feel the same as you and believe in this too as an entp, i think it's something that other entps feel too, I'm working on this lately, I'm starting to figuring out what I'm here for and what should I do, hopefully you find your way too.

  7. I'm glad I could help, one of the other driving forces I have is to help other people like me because I know there's more of us out there, and I know the internal struggle that I've had with my own brain my whole life. I just want to understand it better and what better way to do that than for us to work together and find the answers that we're looking for. 💚

  8. That's why I like entp men, they know how to have a conversation and keep it going and sometimes I feel like some of them knows how women really think.

  9. Pick up the doritos from the floor and put them in her pants, if you don't like such solutions put them in her mouth instead... look it's hard to reach that point, I understand but i think using your Ne while Picking up the doritos from the floor is gonna help you alot trust me..

  10. I don't think there's a difference, we all gonna tease and make jokes in the end, but for me personally either I'm gonna make jokes or laugh about everything they say.

  11. Don't do that, it'll only get more complicated, your entp friend think he's helping you, criticism isn't only an entp way for advising it's most NTs way actually..

  12. I don't really think that he says what people can't say to my face, because when I tell people that he does that, they get surprised and tell me they had no idea that he was doing that to me and negate most of what he said to me. His criticism is not usually constructive too. I mean...instead of pointing what I could do better, all he points is what I did wrong, and everything I do needs to have a reason. It doesn't. If I want to do something it's because it's what I want and it's my decision. Who cares if it doesn't make sense? I often feel like I'm being lectured instead of being treated as an equal to him.

  13. Nah im a super extrovert. Except for when it comes to women i like. Then i get all shy and nervous. But fuck it im gonna take my shot. I just want this feeling to go away

  14. Don't listen to them, my parents are golden pairs, they have the worst relationship I have ever seen among all the people I know, on the other hand my sister is an Entj, as an entp I have learnt stuff from her like I have never learnt before and no one could teach me like she did, her se helped me to go out of my shell and her Te taught me how to be more realistic her Fi taught me how to be aware of my feelings, she's brave and money maker so I learnt this from her......don't listen to the golden pairs BS, people are different what you lack someone else might doesn't even if you're the same personality, the people that we meet in our life aren't a coincidence, they show up in our life because we need them, we have lessons to teach to each other, it's not a matter of maths these are relationships so don't listen to the theory of mbti relationships BS.

  15. Well I haven't had a relationship with another entp before, but I kinda interact with one of them in away that sounds like a relationship, I think it's good idea and will end very well, but of course without the maturity nothing will ever work you know..

  16. Don't take everything seriously in a debate, like if they argued you just argue back for fun and for exchange ideas and points of view, if they criticise you just know it's for your own good don't get too sensitive they don't mean to hurt you they just wants you to improve something that's all, try to teach them harmony and empathy if they lack them and you try to learn logic from them and get out of your shell of feelings...that's all I can think of right now.

  17. Quite sure the people who are commenting they get attracted to physical looks non of them got the looks lool

  18. Chill and confident you say I usually ask her for help do you think I come across as someone who relies on her too much I mean doing that is the only conversation starter I could think of.

  19. I mean ones or twice it's something normal to everyone in general but I don't know for her if she's in an angry or sad state she might doesn't like it lol, maybe you ask her to help you and then you ask her if she wants help, working like a team

  20. We chat in DMs all the time and I think relations are good enough to be considered cordial.

  21. Cool, that's a good sign, then just try what I advised you in first comment and I hope it works with you.

  22. I did, I still do, the bad feelings can be annoying but definitely move me towards my goals a step forward, the good feelings are fun they give me boost and raise myself esteem to make me feel confident again.

  23. So the lntp male must match the enfj female when the entj female must match the Intp what happens is the entj and enfj females are gonna fight over the intp male ( what a lucky man ) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, eventually he will leave them both to have a crush on the pretties hottest chick around no matter what type she could be..........what a crap theory...oops sorry I meant what crap people who get attached to theories when they're just theories.

  24. you don’t have to have a wing. wings were never part of the classical theory and are only a recent development, lots of enneagram authors and typists don’t use wings.

  25. Really ??! I even analysed myself based on wings like if I have this enneagram then my wings must be working lol, if the wings aren't working then It must be another enneagram...I don't know should I analyse myself again ??

  26. Can someone explain me what's wrong with my post?

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