1. I didn't like it, it was way too American to make sense. I think the biggest disconnect for me was coming away thinking of it as a sort of proto psychological thriller type film, about a dude who became a stalker. Turn around and see it's categorised as a comedy?! Didn't laugh once and found it all around depressing. Music was the best part of it, IMO.

  2. I haven't played the new ones, but do they really retcon the originals re:Kratos? I remember one of the games saying he was the God of War for the rest of time, and then it showed him watching WW2 and stuff. So he should probably be doing some war shit. Is the pandora's box hope thing retconning that now since he sucked the hope up? So now he's anti-war? Is that the plot?

  3. The arrogant stupidity of your comment is staggering. I wonder if you treat every professional field in the same way. How about engineers? I guess you know better than the people who build skyscrappers. You could do it better yourself. How about doctors? You can't trust those. They tell you to be vaxxed and you've been told by completely sane people that this is going to do bad things to you. How about pilots? What do they know? The autopilot does all the work. They are paid to do nothing. You could do their job. What do historians know? It's not as if they spend their lives studying their field? You watched a few youtube videos that told you that scientists are hiding the truth because it would make their degrees useless. It's not like the historians dream of discovering something that would put their names on history books. They only want to protect their jobs. You are the worst kind of idiot. The one that declares himself inteligent to spite the world. Your personal failures are dictating how you live your life. It's pathetic.

  4. You think the insults from a creature like you mean anything?

  5. What?? How can they have changed it? Slashing your finger through the tin foil gutter was the best part.

  6. Didn't even finish the demo. I think it will be mid-tier at best. Defo just one to play when it's a monthly PSN game in a year.

  7. Reddit moderators are the scummiest mods in all the Internet Kingdom.

  8. I think it's a good rule just cause I'm sick of the sight of drama posts on here. Personal drama online is always fucking cringe and is always where formerly good content creators go to die. I don't see it the same as censoring criticism at all. Nobody wants response posts banned, but this ain't that. I think they don't go into this stuff on stream for a reason, and they're the ones who are involved with it. Really should have remained private.

  9. Gone Girl alone proves this isn't true, being much worse than The Game and Alien 3.

  10. I liked it but my main issue was you can tell where they had to cut content due to time/budget. The romance stuff felt notably unfinished IIRC.

  11. Biggest Fan is an awful trophy. I made sure I got it during my first playthrough before I would commit to a second run for max social links. I couldn't imagine doing a second playthrough and then missing the platinum because Rise wouldn't say enough lines.

  12. Took me 9 playthroughs, explicitly focusing on getting all of the lines. When the trophy finally popped, I had missed more lines than ever.

  13. This the type of game you ignore then just get passively for free in a year off PSN. Horizon 3, basically.

  14. Why are Raiders and Network so low as well? The list is nonsense though let's be honest. As long as a handful of people watch something and all stick a five on it, it goes straight to the top.

  15. Screen protectors have and always will be shit. Been firmly against them since original GameBoy and it still doesn't have a scratch on it along with all of my other devices.

  16. It ain't gonna be a battle tower. It's going to be a bit of barren wasteland, if the area is even used at all.

  17. Unpopular opinion: I truly loathe Emma Stone and can't stand to look at our listen to her speak... very sad she's going ruin a bunch of movies for me from directors I'm generally stoked on.

  18. Opposite one for me, mate! Love Emma Stone, wish she was going to be in something good instead of the next bag of bollocks from Arseter.

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