1. How is using 1/2 a banana = having an ED?

  2. Obsessed with natural products and supplements yet gets shitfaced with alcohol and drugs on a regular basis lol

  3. I’d be crying if I have her face too


  5. I’d be embarrassed to make posts like this

  6. With all the money she has you would think she’d hire a good PT 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. I’d be so depressed living in that house

  8. How many weeks out is she with her workouts at this point? What like 3 years?!

  9. Also, how many workouts can you possibly come up with? Lol

  10. BRB gotta bleach my eyeballs

  11. Who the fuck is gonna buy a phone case with that picture on it 🤢

  12. Does she ever drink water??? 🤮 god her insides must be so dry.

  13. Man Kali used to take care of herself and she looked SO good… what happened 😨

  14. What’s up with her and taking screenshots of every hate comment? How miserable do you have to be to do that?

  15. A fendi sweater and a baseball cap…. Classy!

  16. She must be a real joy to have over for thanksgiving dinner lol

  17. On certain exercises form cannot vary. We aren’t experts but a lot of us do know bad form when we see it. You don’t need to be an expert to tell someone isn’t lifting correctly. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out someone has bad form, ESPECIALLY when it comes to these so called “influencers”. Keep in mind that a lot of people look up to these influencers and use their workout videos as a reference point. It’s extremely important to teach someone how to lift properly especially when you have a huge audience.

  18. Can’t wait to see her win again

  19. She’s literally the colour of her pants

  20. She bought another bag?

  21. it’s a type of inner reflection that focuses on the darker sides of you, the ones that lurk in the shadows, the ones you push away and ignore and recognize that they’re there and try to heal from them or at the very least recognize that they’re present

  22. Ahh thanks for the explanation

  23. Cue to her crying next month about how bloated she is

  24. I hate saying this but she doesn’t deserve that baby.

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