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  1. My dude. As someone already said, imagine if Israel held a day remembering the Holocaust and their survivors and someone walked up with a n*zi flag. How would they be treated? They were protesting the very state that’s tried to ethnically cleanse their people, took their land, and scattered a people across the globe who continue to commit some of thee crimes and the lady is carrying the very flag they are protesting. I agree, violence is not the answer but come on now. You can only provoke a group of people so much before someone gets triggered. Don’t act like that lady was there for any reason other than to get a rise and reaction from the crowd and suddenly make Palestinians terrorists and thugs again

  2. Here, i'll summarize your view - Palestinians are noble savages whose violence should be excused and tolerated because 'what do you expect?'. This is the soft bigotry of low expectations.

  3. Stopped responding to comments cuase its just not worth my energy but you are not about to strawman what I'm saying here. First off, dont call Palestinians savages. They are a people with a long, storied, and beautiful history. Even if theyve never had a state in the western idea of the word they still have a history that includes Jewish people throughout it. Calling someone a savage has been imperialist tactic as long as time to justify so many atrocities because they are somehow less than human. Second, Jewish students do not have to respond and do you know why? The police and IDF respond for them. Its the state that continues the discrimination through the IDF and the police. Again the issue is THE STATE. If you read my comment, i said i agree that violence is wrong by either side. My issue comes with the framing from OP that the woman was doing absolutely nothing wrong and that the Palestinians attacked her. While these facts are not wrong, the context is completely taken out.

  4. Oh wow. Didn’t expect this to blow up like it did so let me give an update for some stuff I see in the comments!

  5. OP is there a reason the years are almost randomly chosen? Do you have a graph that has all the missing years in between to see what happened in the interim of your data points? Also feel as if COVID is the giant elephant in the room for the 2021 statistics

  6. Watching the original Spider-man. For being 20 years old this really holds up

  7. I hope we can keep the dialogue going I'd like to stay connected to your viewpoint (I really mean that). If your grievances are true and valid they should be addressed.

  8. As someone who was raised in a Palestinian household and fed only that side of the story I completely agree with you, having dialogue with the other view point is nice. The situation isn’t as simple as one side good and the other bad, and that kind of thinking keeps divisions in place and accomplished nothing. Very thankful for this entire thread and people keeping things civil and being able to reason through different view points!

  9. Hey, I'm a Jewish American trying to have a better understanding of what's going on. Do most Palestinians in diaspora support a one state or two state solution? Since Israel treats Palestinians 2nd class, would a two sate solution be better?

  10. At this point, I’m not sure a two state is possible. Personally not opposed to a single state or for Israel to remain in power in the region but there needs to be serious reform inside the state and its policies for a more fair and equitable society for the Palestinians still living there.

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