1. If you have already played the game, here's the explanation:

  2. I don't even see anything in the lore mentioning that Hornet is void, that's enough evidence to me

  3. Heyyo Blanke! Been a fan of you since o discovered one of your songs (it's Immunity if you're wondering), and i have so many questions for you!

  4. Human sized, because Team Cherry is australian, so Hollow Knight is actually a documentary


  6. Fuck all the people hating on you, this community is toxic for no reason. Good job. Keep having fun.

  7. Thank you man. The comments kinda make sense though. I would say the community is just lowkey toxic, i find the comments actually hilarious.

  8. homie you used fist of heaven with an immaculate amount of lobby prep and engi 2nd

  9. I said for now. Also it's a flex for me because i am the spoiled brat

  10. healing 1 hp won't make your situation less threatening

  11. I've often kinda survived situations where i have 1 hp left, so...

  12. They breathe (and therefore probably have a respiratory system) eat (and therefore probablyhave a digestive track), drink, they can reproduce (Purple had parents and King Orange had a child), they can grow and I assume that means they have cells, they have environmental responses (reacting to stimuli and reacting to their environment), they probably have pretty complex structures underneath their exteriors (as previously mentioned, they probably have a digestive track and respiratory system, and probably a nervous system as well), they maintain homeostasis (the Fighting Stick Figures were attempting to cool themselves off in the overheating PC in "the Virus,"), and they process energy (we've seen them get fatigued in "Cave Spider Roller Coaster" after destroying the Nether Portal), so they fit all the criteria for a living thing.

  13. In the reproduction part, it's most likely that king orange just adopted gold, but there is still purple though.

  14. No, I'm not talking about people making r34 of alan Becker's creations. Fortunately I haven't seen one yet. I'm talking about popular things that are completely innocent but get ruined by fanbases.

  15. Y'know, i did some RESEARCH, and i found that for large fanbase, theres's surprisingly very little R34 of AvM on the the two sites ( & alone.

  16. Practice dodging. Keep moving. Never stay in one place for too long. That pretty much everything you need to do

  17. Aight yeah, i saw the comments and yes, it's not entirely the best run since i used normal mode, and also i just said it is my best run. But i am currently on an even better run rn, might take a finished progress screenshot.

  18. Create empty text files in all directories containing the samples called .nomedia

  19. Didn't work. Folder just mysteriously disappears and when i try to interact with it, it says "folder does not exist"

  20. Dream It Possible is the one of the best songs which fit Hilda perfectly.

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