Baby tries queso for the first time

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  1. Magriculture on RR, well written but doesn’t update often.

  2. Do not ingest a plant based on information provided in this subreddit.

  3. Thank you. I teared up laughing when I saw this bot reply.


  5. I’ve always drove past this place and wondered about it now I have to try it. What else is good there?

  6. Small town crafter by Tom Watts was really good. Not a shopkeeper, but set in one town and satisfying slice of life.

  7. I finished it. I doubt I read the next though. The story is not what I expected or wanted when I started the first. Thought I was getting a nicely written production/crafting/base build, but it’s not that (without spoilers).

  8. You will find that there is tons of variation in names used. I recall decades ago watching ATK and wanting to try a recipe and they kept calling the cut Boston Butt. I went to four different supermarket stores and butchers and not a single one of them had ever heard the term. Ever.

  9. It’s Boston butt in the southeast. We’d sell whole smoked butts as a fundraiser for schools/churches growing up.

  10. What is that in the background? Love the bats btw.

  11. If it’s the big outdoor ones, replace the weather stripping around your doors. Also check for holes in the walls around pipes and such under cabinets. I don’t know if the peppermint oil works for roaches, but it definitely works for mice.

  12. It's hard to get yellow American cheese where I live, let alone white :(

  13. You can just add sodium citrate to basically any cheese to make a queso. It keeps the cheese consistent. Might have to add in a bit of thickener like cornstarch.

  14. I’m trying my hardest at getting anatomy right, any specifics u could suggest?

  15. The mouth needs to be moved up a tad, the eyes are a bit too large, and the nose would look better defined by shading instead of a hard line. I’m not great with portraits either, faces take a lot of practice.

  16. I want the same. While trying to find that kind, I found a few that were close-ish.

  17. The Grand Game by Tom Elliot. Just the first book so far, but I enjoyed it.


  19. Blueberry Boy Bait is a good recipe from 1954. You’ll have to search around to find the original, but there are a bunch of only slightly modified variations out there.

  20. Blueberry Boy Bait Recipe from America’s Test Kitchen Best Desserts, originally published in the Chicago Tribune, 1954

  21. Ha. My boss texted me 30 minutes after I was supposed to be at work saying, “hey stay home, weather is bad.”

  22. I showed up for work only to find that my boss did not. Went home.

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