1. If you would like a change of pace, I'd recommend Warlock Holmes by G.S Denning, there are around 5 books and I enjoyed the first two

  2. I think you would love The First Argentine series by Jeff Wheeler.

  3. I’m going to assume you don’t like reading about sexual violence either. With that said, I don’t think Malazan is for you. I only got halfway through the first book,but I hear that there are some rape scenes later on.

  4. While targeted for middle graders, Ranger's Apprentice's bromance is definitely a strong contender, having been developed for over 12 books.

  5. I would say at least give it until the end of the 2nd book.

  6. That is a pretty big investment though, isn't it?

  7. Calling it now, someone out there will make a fan fiction for if kaladin "dreamt it all" and just make it a slice of life

  8. Napoleon’s penis was removed by the surgeon doing his autopsy and preserved in a jar. It has been sold and handed down since then, and is currently owned by a professor of urology in New Jersey

  9. The coppermind has good recaps, book for overall and chapter by chapter summaries

  10. There is The Titan series if you don't mind Litrpgs, with pretty much no romance. pretty gradual in power creep though

  11. Wait is that the one where the MC is like a giant and someone steals one of his class slots?

  12. Actually only up to 10, you need a subscription if you want unlimited

  13. اللغة العربى صعبة جدا لالخواجة

  14. The first Argentine series by Jeff Wheeler is perfect for this.

  15. Based on experience, Al-Rehab is a pretty good place, you will find dogs occasionally (like make 1 out of 3 months or something), but there are a lot of cats around here.

  16. Am an Arab too, couldn't get past the first half of We hunt the flame.

  17. Ranger's Apprentice, Royal Ranger and The Brotherband Chronicles are all pretty good.

  18. Hands down anything by brandon sanderson with graphic audio, especially mistborn

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