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  1. Don't act like your hot shut because your kd us good. not saying this because you are really good at killing people but because of the amount of people who think they amazing but don't know maps or site set ups at all. Learn maps and operators look up guides easy high plat for you.

  2. If you’ve played fps games for a while before starting out on siege, you can play good nonetheless. Only because a ”low level” player hits their shots, doesn’t mean that they’re smurfing

  3. Trust me unlock kayo and play him. 2 of his abilities are like cs so u can understand him preety well

  4. Am confused. Was it a backwards superglide? Or was it something w a tap strafe?

  5. anyway one of the 3 flanks have to be watched, atleast with this we block 2

  6. Except you can only watch one now since the Chamber nerf.

  7. First one is too far to scan, radius is 30 meters. But the second one works. It’s been my go since day1. Snapiex has great lineups for bind if y’all are looking for it.

  8. The first one doesn't scan all the way to the edge on B long entrance according to the map but is the 30 m you are talking about relates to height?

  9. The radio is big but if you don’t see them or the binds it has I’m pretty sure you avoid the recon, you have to hear where it comes from to avoid it; sure this is easier said than done and is complemented by her kit being about deaf the opponent

  10. Like it depends, both the reckons are super high up and unpredictable in the first few rounds. But I think just like sova making new lineups for different areas so your dart isn't shot out instantly it's the play

  11. Could be a mindset thing tbh. You saying that you could warm up for hours and not do better might be subconsciously making your aim worse. Aim battles IMO are obviously a lot to do with aim, but also a lot to do with confidence. However, if you're playing Brim and are smoking, clutching with lineups, and helping your team, I don't see anything wrong with your gameplay.

  12. Then there's a flop side as well where I lose a game and everyone blames me for dropping 6 kills or something

  13. Do you know how you are aiming or are you just instinctively aiming?

  14. I have very good crosshair placement always at head level. I just do hard bots and practice bots but that never helps me I still get under 15 kills. And yea I figured out my perfect sens. I have been using it since I started playing

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