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  1. Nowadays it's a "social experiment" on YouTube.

  2. Not yet. just Agent so far. There are cheat unlocks/achievements for beating levels under a certain time. There are some for each difficulty.

  3. Do you need to get the time limit on 00 aswell or is it just one time limit you can do on either difficulty

  4. There are some that need to be done on each difficulty.

  5. One more question, do the cheats turn off achievements and ability to unlock other cheats? Or do you get specific cheats first so other ones will be easier to get

  6. I opened the image without reading the title and thought this was a highly edited photo of Mark Zuckerberg

  7. We will know right away if the new voices work in episode

  8. Top right... "Had criminal record", so if you have a record it's ok for them to kill you forever!?!?

  9. I assumed it meant it means they could be dangerous

  10. You retweeted and liked Tusk's tweet, though. Straight to jail.

  11. So he runs around but takes care not to miss a single word too so he can appear and take part in the conversation right on time? He still didn't see Kimiko and got his leg broken : this alone makes the "he covers everything by running around" point false

  12. Well shoot since I gotta wait another 12 hours for dead space

  13. Their most profitable sector/thing is being able to create more hero’s

  14. Wait, a guy can play 9 innings of ball on a hot and muggy summer afternoon masked, but the Karen at Starbucks who "knows her rights," can't breathe with a mask on?

  15. Wait what?! The professional athlete is in better shape than your local Karen?! No wayyy

  16. The guy tried to compare them when they are not comparable

  17. Is Tinder really as bad as everyone is saying? Is it impossible to find people you like there?

  18. Most of the girls on there and in bikinis showing off their ass either a lot of bots or a lot of people I’m Not looking to date

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