1. I’m going through the same exact thing as you. She wasn’t ready for a relationship when she thought she was. She wanted space to discover herself and learn to love herself. I tried to be angry, and I tried to hate her, but I couldn’t. Tonight is a week after the break up and I’ve been trying (and often failing) to find comfort in being proud of her. I have so much love and care for her that if she needs to be alone to figure stuff for herself out, I will do anything she needs in order to make that work. I told her a few days ago that I was so excited for her to love herself the way that I know she deserves to be loved. I wish I had anything better to say, but it’ll feel a little easier each day. Don’t be afraid to lean on anyone either. Message me if you need to talk!

  2. Also a week for me tonight ha, said she rushed into it and she loses her feelings and attachments… said she thought it would be different with me. As far am I’m aware I have absolutely no reason to dislike her she’s a gem who will always have a place in my heart. Unfollowed me on all socials, no idea if my number is blocked but not knowing if she really cares that I’m gone is so sad. She basically told me to go no contact to help me move on

  3. Spot on. The euros fantasy was Insanely better

  4. Sell RTK Foden now or is there a chance he rises?

  5. It’s takes the fans a couple of goes to actually get it in unison, eventually we’ll perfect it

  6. Hi EA you missed me off the Haaland compensation!

  7. Martinelli red pick and I’ll die happy

  8. Basically the same as last years, finished in my usual rank and gave 1 more win away than usual and I get better rewards. So yeah pretty chill

  9. just open it. EA will almost certainly compensate.

  10. But how long will it take

  11. It’s been pretty great, it’s just a shame I’m not

  12. I don’t even know for every cross/corner I get a header from I probably score 1 For every 30

  13. It’s the same with interceptions the ball just bounces out to someone else

  14. Surely they’re not giving him identical stats to the IF

  15. Also something I’ve noticed, can’t hold the ball up at all I just get tackled super quickly. Interceptions and tackles feel like the same as last Fifa before the patch where they bounce straight back to the opposition

  16. I didn’t realise how much I relied on left stick dribbling, taking me a long time to change my play style and fyi Vini’ pace stat is a lie

  17. I’ve built mine, now I wait for a flawless WL

  18. Packed and sold Yaya, he’s risen a bit since I sold him didn’t expect him to be as much as he is

  19. 550ish… he looked solid but I wanted a full team

  20. I’d probably sell, don’t see him staying at that price

  21. Need to complete the holy trinity and add Jesus next

  22. If you want to make a different team- sell. You if you plan on using them- Hold

  23. Does that mean he was a free hero?

  24. Got the anchor of the team sorted!

  25. Giovinco my heart bleeds, I miss that demon

  26. Martinelli to glory. Won’t play a game without him. The team will be around him so I’d argue that’s a big purchase

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