1. If you fuck up and don’t nuke him the first time around he’s a total pain in the ass with his ludicrous spell spam and over the top levels of damage (Those fucking comets could 2 shot me at 50 vig and the full Crucible Knight set). Took me like 20 tries on my last playthrough

  2. 120 for my first playthrough, 20 for NG+, then another 80 on another NG

  3. I struggled immensely with both Rom and the Celestial Emmisaries. Yes, really, the bulb head guys. Yeah, really.

  4. That’s crazy because Celestial Emissary was a first try for me but Orphan took me over 100 attempts lol

  5. My top 4 bosses are all in A or B tier lol (Mohg, Godfrey, Maliketh, Morgott)

  6. Too much running plus he’s a giant Estus drain with some of his attacks which makes him an especially big pain after having to fight Radagon before him. Honestly I’d like the fight a whole lot more if the game just didn’t force you to fight Radagon before fighting him

  7. Probably getting downvoted but, man, that first Dark Souls 3 DLC... it kinda sucked, huh? I mean, Friede is a great fight, but I don't think that DLC deserved her as last boss. I honestly think she was harder than Gael and I only beat that fight once, cause I never felt like going through the dlc or her again.

  8. Ashes of Ariendel is kinda mediocre aside from Friede but Ringed City more than makes up for it imo

  9. On my first 2 playthroughs he was a total joke but on my 3rd playthrough I committed to doing every boss (Except Godskin Duo because fuck them) solo and Gideon ended up killing me more than Maliketh which I absolutely didn’t expect. If you can’t stunlock him dude is an absolute menace with the insane amount of spell spam and absurd DPS he has (His comets can two shot you even with 50 vig and decent armor which is crazy)

  10. It starts out super easy but towards the end of the main game some bosses like Nameless King and the Twin Princes were absolutely brutal for me. Also the DLC is absolutely insane with Midir, Friede, and Gael being just as hard as a lot of super difficult ER bosses

  11. To me, everything before the Forbidden Lands is good. After that though the game nosedives pretty hard in quality.

  12. Mountaintops and Snowfield are bad but I actually really love Farum Azula and the Haligtree and think they’re some of the best dungeons From has ever designed

  13. Probably the funniest one is on my most recent playthrough where I got Maliketh in 10 tries but Gideon took me 20 (Tbh I just suck at NPC fights in general)

  14. Ya that's one reason bosses like Nameless King are so much more fun to fight repeatedly. He is hard in many aspects but zero of them feel like absolute bullshit

  15. That’s true for Nameless King himself but King of the Storm is some world class unfun bullshit and he really tarnishes the fight for me. Shame since NK by himself is maybe my favorite encounter in the main game next to Abyss Watchers and the Princes

  16. Really unfun honestly. First phase is just kinda tedious once you understand his patterns and his second phase is a giant mess where you’re either waiting to get a shot on his hands or going to town on his legs

  17. Redmane wolf in Liurnia. Died 34782 times first go round. Killed it first try NG+ lol.

  18. I still have trouble with that stupid dog lol. Jumps around way too much and spams glintblades to the point that it becomes annoying

  19. Commander Niall without a doubt. Also Castle Sol is worst area as side note.

  20. Agree mainly because of those two Banished Knight fuckers he summons. Also the fact that he’s clearly too small for the arena he’s in. I feel like he’d be a much more fun fight in general if he had a larger arena to avoid his big AOE attacks and separate his Knights from him to avoid getting ganked by the whole group

  21. Seriously lol. This was my first Soulsborne game so Margit was absolutely brutal and took me like 70 tries to finally put down. Paid him back for that by absolutely kicking his ass on my next two playthroughs

  22. I kinda get why he’s not immune to bleed but what really confuses me is why his sewer variant is immune to all statuses. My first assumption is that it’s because that version is an illusion created either by Morgott or Mohg himself but Margit is a similar illusion of Morgott that isn’t immune to bleed, poison, etc. Just kinda confusing tbh

  23. Genuine question: What do you do in ER for 500h+?

  24. I’ve got 200 hours in game but there’s still a handful of quest lines I haven’t done yet + I wanna do a RL1 run sometime in the future.

  25. From my experience it’s their hardest game until the combat finally clicks at which point it honestly becomes the easiest. There’s way less OP shit to destroy enemies with like in Elden Ring but basically every enemy can be countered with skill (Except the Headless, fuck those guys)

  26. Inner Geni is a massive jump in difficulty from his normal version and there’s really no solution except learning his moves. He’s absolutely brutal but it’s still possible to learn and beat him even with how much more difficult he is in comparison

  27. The difficulty tuning there is kinda fucked. Regular Caelid is pretty reasonably scaled for like level 60-70 but Dragonbarrow for some reason is scaled for late game even tho you can get there within your first 5 minutes of playing if you feel like it

  28. Godfrey prob. He’s my fav boss in the game but the first time around I was already getting exhausted + wanted to get to the end so I basically cheesed him with bleed + mimic for an easy victory when I really wish I had fought him straight up

  29. Yeah he really introduces you to the game's mechanics; delayed attacks, combo extenders based on your positioning, "unlimited stamina" and moves that you can't rely on i-frames to dodge (the double dagger swipe you have to dodge into and behind him if you wanna avoid the damage). Combine that with a small arena and the game is begging you to learn how to position yourself well. Everything I just mentioned also can be exploited to your advantage, like attacking during his windups or rolling behind him to ensure he doesn't extend his combo, or simply strafing attacks. It's a shame that people are so fast to criticize the boss design in ER and dismiss it as unfair or unpredictable when there is a pattern to everything.

  30. Yea I do think some bosses abuse those quirks (Cough cough Malenia) but Margit is still a pretty fair boss imo and rewards not just learning how this game plays differently than smth like DS3 but also going into the world and leveling up and exploring.

  31. Yea, he’s one of my favorite bosses in the entire game and I just wish we could fight him for longer. Seriously such a fun boss and literally everything about him is great except that

  32. Stormhawks. Genuinely some of the most annoying enemies From has ever made, hate those motherfuckers with every ounce of my soul

  33. The Haligtree if I’m being honest. It’s a beautiful looking area but beats me why they decided to put dozens of some of the most annoying enemies in the entire game in this place. Kinda ruins it for me. Turns traversing it from enjoyable into a miserable pain

  34. 1st playthrough was Moonveil spam, didn’t do her 2nd playthrough, 3rd playthrough Flame of the Redmanes spam because fuck her

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