1. I'm interested in the kaline sweet spot at $20 if you're willing to go that low.

  2. Can't do that. I can do the heroes one for 25 without shipping but that's the lowest I'd be able to do

  3. I could sell you a contenders optic rookie auto for under 100 lol

  4. I hate men because they don't want to be a little more value from 😉

  5. I'd rather have SF than Philly in the Super Bowl any day. Philly is not just the team I hate but also the fans and city too.

  6. Their fan bases in other sports are just horrible people. Used to always think it was the new yorkers but I was wrong

  7. Hey man I wanted to be the drew Gilbert guy but unfortunately the same thing happened to you happened to me. The real tryhard popped up and showed their collection. I'm almost at 5 Bowman draft autos and this guy whips out his nearly complete rainbow. That red /5 alone worth well more than my noble startup 😭

  8. On the scale of Bartolo Colon to shirtless Joey Gallo where does he fall?

  9. I wanted to be the drew Gilbert guy but a guy at town I met at the show nearly has the 1st Bowman auto rainbow and just shattered me

  10. I just can't after seeing that collection... I just cant. Even after taking his extra base auto I'm not even close 😭

  11. I sold these 2 to someone in Canada a while back and USPS now decides to return them back to me today and I can't find who I was sending these to. If you bought them from me can you message me? Still searching

  12. Surprised the Dodgers are so low despite their record last season.

  13. Garbage collecting, obviously. Oh wait, that would be the A's.

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