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  1. I didn't know there was an EZ chat. When was it added?

  2. Jeg var på Oslo Tannlegesenter. Fikk beskjed om at jeg måtte ha en rotfylling. De var ganske bestemt på at det ikke var behov for å sende meg til spesialist.

  3. In norway salaries are public record. If they want to know, they could just look it up. And this is a good thing, it keeps companies from underpaying their employees.

  4. I'm 34 and GC. Trust me, you don't need mechanics. I'm slow af, can't half flip, ceiling shot, flip reset, air dribble and all that fancy stuff. You just need to play smart.

  5. Er det mulig at det er du som ikke kan reglene her? Man skal ikke vente på at man har passert bilen før man skrur på langlysene. Man skal skru de på ca 1 billengde før.

  6. Kan ikke alle i hele verden bare gå over til å bruke UTC

  7. Hva er greia med +hbomax? Funker det isteden for å lage ny epost?

  8. Det funker hvis man bruker gmail. (og muligens andre som har adoptert idéen)

  9. En minnepinne kommer ikke til å vare i 14 år uten å være tilkoblet strøm. Kommer til å vare maks 10 år hvis du er heldig.

  10. Judging by the comments this will not happen. But this is how it should be done. This way any existing maps will not break.

  11. I can't flip reset, I can't ceiling shot, I can't even half flip. Still got gc. It's all about speed and positioning.

  12. Dette krever en lengre og noe kompleks forklaring. Kort fortalt: det er ingen business i det.

  13. Vil gjerne høre den lengre og komplekse forklaringen. For meg høres det ut som veldig god business.

  14. No it's not. I can go into the same exact server and experience no lag and a perfectly fine and high FPS. It's definitely on Wirtual's side. Other streamers also don't experience the same lag (Scrapie and SimplyNick for example)

  15. While you might be able to mitigate some of the issues with a better PC, it should not be necessary. Since the PC Wirtual is running is well within spec and should not cause any issues, even while streaming.

  16. Lurte jeg også på. Folk skriver jo rundt 240wpm med det. Men er kanskje vanskelig å finne folk som kan bruke det?

  17. The play menu used to automatically highlight "find match". now I need to move to that button manually. I used to just spam X to queue again, but now I can't :(

  18. If Trackmania: Nations Forever would just work on Steam I'd be happy already.


  20. Dareyck have streamed this game daily for 5 years, but dont get a flag...

  21. The time should be in CET, not CEST. since it's not summer time anymore.

  22. Hvorfor ble den "recommended Post" på reddit?

  23. As a developer my self, why doesn't this run on a separate thread that do not terminate when you leave?

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