1. I know a way to "join" the NCR, but I dont know if youll like it. Besides, it seems that youre looking for the way to join the Legion, and I dont know how to do that

  2. Means he looks like a local dweller from zaural region, which happen to be Mansi if I remember correctly

  3. When me and my wife got married we decided to do a Yesman like the Jim Carrey movie.

  4. SMGs. I struggled with PVP last wipe. This wipe, I use SMGs like PPSh or PP Vityaz very often and killed at least 7 PMCs with them (11 total, but I killed a couple with other weapons). Highest PMC killcount I ever had, and its my third wipe

  5. Use SMGs like PP Vityaz or PPSh. Had the same issue last wipe and only played PMC with my friends. This wipe I started playing my PMC with SMGs, and it really helped me with PVP. Out of 11 PMCs I killed so far, Id say 7 were killed with SMG

  6. Yes. If you think otherwise, give me your money and Ill prove you wrong

  7. It IS better than 4. Better mods (New California, for example), choices actually affect the endings instead of just a generic cutscene, more connection to original Black Isle games

  8. На снарягу, обвес и прочую "тактикульную" хрень. Не спрашивайте, на кой хрен мне понадобилась ребристая крышка ствольной коробки для макета калаша, просто понадобилась

  9. Где брал? Не спрашивай, мне тоже просто надо)

  10. Вернисаж в Измайлово, 700₽ б/ушную взял

  11. We both are going to regret this, but War Thunder. Its "free" to play, but even with premium the grind is terrible. Im playing it for 2 years straight and everytime I enter the game I have to force myself to play a single battle

  12. Hoarding military stuff, digging old metal from the dirt, saving fish from drowning, gluing pieces of plastic together and covering them in paint, moving pixels on a screen

  13. Yeah, won a couple of War Thunder's 200 GE giveaways on their Russian social network page

  14. Unfortunately, no real ones, just 2 deactivated ones and 1 blank-firing one

  15. As soneone from a country with strict gun laws, I 100% agree with you

  16. I suppose it depends on the postal system in your country and the delivery method you chose. I ordered with the cheapest delivery and the last email about the delivery was when they dispatched it.

  17. I ordered it with this free option (not sure how its called in English, not a native language) where they ship the patch to the specific store, and I wonder how, or if, do they tell me when I can pick it up

  18. Doubt it. Purchased items from the store in Oct 2021 and they still haven't arrived. It's unironically a scam.

  19. It said that the patch should arrive in 1 workday (dont ask how), but the question is will I get notified when it arrives

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