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  • By - d0ml

  1. And they follow you across the entire map even if you fly away in a vertibird.

  2. Jup, in my opinion they are just as dangerous as deathclaws, maybe even more dangerous :O

  3. Yes, they actually are more dangerous than pretty much every enemy in the game except liberty prime. What makes them incredible deadly is their broken ambush attack, speed, quick attacks, and their poison DOT. Another thing is that they're VERY healthy. A single deathskull radscorpion can easily down two ancient behemoths without losing much health.

  4. 20 here as well, no idea who this is, but I'd throw someone's phone if they got in my face for a selfie too

  5. Quick, someone get him the super soldier serum!

  6. When I was a younger lad, my mom always had seizures due to a car accident she had years before I was born. One day when I was 4, (had to live with each of my parents due to the government wanting to take me away from them thinking they weren't good parents) I was with my mom at my grandma's house alone. She had a seizure and cracked her head open,, all I remember was baby me not being being able to anything about it and cry hysterically, thankfully my neighbors heard me and called 9-1-1. 14 years later, I still have both my parents with me and my mom no longer has seizures.

  7. Flush the thing down the toilet. Theres a bunch of warm milk in that bowl.

  8. Oops, that's felony menacing with a deadly weapon. Get this footage to the TV news and law enforcement.

  9. Not a criminal, an idiot at that

  10. Yeah, of course the Wolverine is a man to be feared!

  11. The only mean thing to say is that it looks like u took a selfie with a moldy potato

  12. This has got be the saddest and loneliest thing I've ever and thats coming from a sad lonely guy

  13. I just tried to find this in Microsoft Word, but can't find it. Do I need to download it separately?

  14. The tweaker outside the 7 eleven when he sees you walk out with a slurpee and a bag of doritos after telling him that you don't have money



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