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  1. /etc ---> C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

  2. I lived in a house of 6 guys with 2 bathrooms. It was fine. Really depends on everyone's routines.

  3. true I would also think some people shower in the morning and some before bed so u just mix and match lol

  4. I'd actually consider having a conversation with your mother, along the lines of "Have you noticed Dad losing his filter? i think he needs to see a neurologist."

  5. I like that you said that because my step dad turned into this vulgar drunk asshole after my mom left him. He said so many inappropriate things that eventually I cut him off.

  6. I'm so sorry. That sounds like a really awful situation to be put in.

  7. I also should thank you for your kind words. It was horrible, he was the guy who raised me so I call him dad even now. As my bio dad fucked off when I was like 3.

  8. If you have to change lanes through slush do not enter the next lane right away… make it a long gradual merge

  9. yes long and gradual! I was looking for those words to describe it.

  10. Super slow lane changes and turns. i mean like gently into them.

  11. This is where my mind goes, imagine asshole doing the illegal pass kills oncoming car people because you were blocking him.

  12. I read that OP sent the video to the police so i assume anymore of the video may be incriminating lol

  13. This is what I use for friends and family. They use the quick support option but I have a few people that have the full install and I just have my IP whitelisted.

  14. I used to use TeamViwer but after helping a few family members it always tells me I need to pay so I never use it anymore. I have even sent them requests to let me use it since its for personal and they allow me and it works well again for a while and then asks me to pay again lol

  15. Make a meshcentral server and put a client on any computers you want to remote control.

  16. Legally you shouldn't be able to, it's 18+ out here.

  17. East coast is not Ontario... I don't know why people keep thinking that 😂.. it's the maritime or Atlantic provinces.

  18. East coast for sure but eastern Canada I would consider them part of that.

  19. You are the only one who can choose whether to stay or leave. However, while I don't normally push posters one way or the other in this sub, in this case I would urge you to leave. Seriously.

  20. Jaw dropped reading this. He could have really hurt you and done damage to your insides, depending on the lotion.

  21. I deal with this with aliases really, but this is a weird request and if it was my boss asking I am not sure how I would do this for him lol

  22. I have also noticed wages staying pretty flat too of course.

  23. This is definitely not the case in my industry. Ontario, Quebec, and BC are all running between 4-5% per year at the moment.

  24. I mean literally right now here in quebec u can make 11.40 being a waiter... even the minimum is 15 an hour, u cant live off that shit.

  25. I have an app I use that was a one time pay and then they made it subscription. They basically did the same thing gave me a last year for "free" and now I pay yearly. Not sure what the legality of it is but I wonder.

  26. After reading the comments glad you're taking it seriously homie. Your life is in your hands <3

  27. So to me if you do what your parents want they will control you forever, and if you don't you'll be broke for now probably. I can't tell you what is the good choice just that if you do what your dad wants you will always be doing what your dad wants.

  28. I know and I think that’s just very hard for me, I love them and I don’t want to be cut out of their life but I am so tired of constantly stressing about my relationship and hiding it all the time. I want to be out in the open with her

  29. I get the difficulty of this and you are young so it's huge. There is no easy answer here for sure but you should try to think of your future and what you really want. Young relationships hardly last although ironically your dad hating it will keep it lasting longer for sure. I am sorry you have to decide.

  30. Honestly because of this sub unless that *right lane is 100% clear, I am just gunna be patient lol My patience has grown from watching these idiots somehow.

  31. I agree with this commenter. Taking a step back, removing yourself from the situation and thinking everything through can be very helpful.

  32. All of these comments are so good, I would also like to say that the boss is the real boss so your husband really HAS to follow his lead until he is the boss.

  33. The bragging about what she did that she won't do with you is a big thing to me and something I couldn't forgive.

  34. We’re talking when he gets off of work to get further into it as he states that now he can’t go anywhere or do anything without me- which I never said he couldn’t.. he offers if I wanna go, I go to get out of the house and spend time with him. Where else he is talking about, I’m not sure quite yet.

  35. Try to really clear shit up with your convo and see how you feel after. Good luck.

  36. It sounds like the typical old dude who will trade you for the newer model when it's good for him. It sounds like that from this post anyways. What can he really do to show you that you can trust him?

  37. Hmmm. Also returned 250 alive and listed all the hosts that don't actually exist as having FTP ports open. It was at least faster than the Batch file and works after my laptop sleeps. Also more clear what hosts were actually alive because they populate the MAC column.

  38. That's weird for sure. What happens when you ping the ips?

  39. I like the Pixel 7 Pro a lot. I think it's a better phone but it came out more than a year later so it makes sense. I am with you as I have the s21 and I am really not impressed with it, coming from s7 to s8 to s9 to s10+ to now the s21 lol

  40. Honestly I was a 10 year old on IRC back in like 95, and I gotta say that there was just as many of those people back then. I don't think much has changed on that front really just where the cool kids hang out.

  41. Yeah that’s true. I guess pedophilia changes with the times like other stuff

  42. Here (Alberta) for the cameras it's the plate, then the registered owner(s). If you don't pay it just sits on your file until you renew registration - can't register until it's paid. Also no demerits here either.

  43. Tickets attached to your Drivers license number, not the car itself (unless this is a speed cam situation) if the ticket was written by an officer then you would have had 15 days to select an option (pay/sit down with prosecutor/elect to challenge the ticket in court)

  44. I was 100% thinking a speed camera, which attaches it to your plate and then to the owners license and then the owner gets the letter in the mail and you have something like 15 - 30 days to give up the person who was driving or pay it yourself, at least in Quebec. And there are no points for this kind of speeding ticket just a fine.

  45. For call forwarding on androids or iphones (example for iphones):

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