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  1. To be fair it breaks the rule of no portals on a moving surface

  2. Not defending this probably drunk dude for a second but when you have that kind of job the first words out your mouth when receiving a persons device should be “do you have a backup?”

  3. How about that fukn quick turn after that shot to his back, dude knew running wasn't the play and made the right choice so quick.

  4. That turn around and engagement probably saved his life. The guy in red looks to be following him around the vehicle in the moment prior.

  5. If we say I play the game everyday - then I used to crash ounce every other day with the “verify files” message coming up.

  6. I am on steam and have had two crashes telling me to verify the files. Very frustrating.

  7. The McDonald’s arches, it’s an ad for them originally

  8. I got stuck on the boat in Pokémon Blue. Guess I didn’t pay attention to the dialogue but I walked to what seemed like every room and never figured out how to leave.

  9. You could say it makes them vulnerable to repeats attacks.

  10. Being poor...and my mom smoked continuously so being poor and smelly. Kids are brutal.

  11. This made me realize that at least two of my peers who were mocked for smelling bad really just smelt like cigarettes… that sucks to be made fun of for something your parents do

  12. I was thinking "shit he could at least bring that stuff inside for her after all that" but then thought that is probably very much against the rules for delivery drivers.

  13. First guy is from the show Silicon Valley

  14. It might have been that the reviews made me go in with very low expectations but overall I found the film enjoyable. It does t deserve the hate.

  15. I only played the first game but I believe this sequel takes place some years after? So a good chunk of time into the apocalypse. It only makes sense that anyone who survives in this world is physically strong.

  16. In 2022 terms he is being racist at least according to some definitions of the term. I do wish dictionaries had a change log to more accurately express how term use changes over time. When I was younger, the term racist was a synonym for a racial supremacist, but now stereotyping has been merged into it in some cases ( I don't fault the dictionary as this is also true in common parlance) . You can see the contrast by looking at Merriam-Webster definition vs. Cambridge definition.

  17. When you were younger ‘racist’ also meant assuming qualities about someone due to their ancestry

  18. Someone can probably tell me why it’s a horrible idea but when I switched from skiing to snowboarding I found putting the bar behind my back and kinda holding the rope to be easier than holding onto the handle itself.

  19. Gonna go look like an idiot and smell some tissue now will report back

  20. Tissues often have a lotion applied to it. Compared to toilet paper, which is just paper - tissues do (usually) have a smell

  21. YTA and this “but it’s our special day” excuse is just annoying. Yes it’s your day but that doesn’t give you the right to tell others what they do with their own body.

  22. For real. This isn’t the same as wearing a dress to outshine the bride… which seems like the sentiment the bride is on about.

  23. It's meant for small drones like you would buy for recreational purposes, not the big high altitude drones. Can't hit a small drone with typical anti-aircraft weapons.

  24. Oh so just what we see being used by Ukraine military to drop grenades into trenches?

  25. Shame you probably weren’t doing the extract 4 dog tags mission. They don’t have to be in a single game but god would it be nice to clear 3 in one go

  26. Judging by the perceived trajectory of the substance, I’d be inclined to agree with you.

  27. You are probably one of those who celebrate a "one year anniversary"

  28. Trying to extract tactical equipment I have made the mistake of dropping an ammo crate on the moving train multiple games. The crate will look fine but you often can’t interact with it.

  29. Saying something to someone to hurt their feelings is wrong. Don’t insult people.

  30. 9/10 if I down a player I'll send them a squad invite. If they don't accept I'll thirst them, but I'd rather fight with a 6 man than a 3.

  31. Do you invite to join them or for them to join you?

  32. Once started a game that showed four players in the lobby. I was partied with my buddy and when the game started it was only the two of us on a team. I’d assume something similar happened when the match started?

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