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  1. No, it’s likely the back did this so they didn’t have to consider a loan when determining affordability for a mortgage. Lying on that declaration doesn’t mean that other contracts become void, if any exist, but admitting to it could get both parties in trouble.

  2. If there was no communication prior to the money being given to you that implied an expectation that it would be repaid, or that it was a gift for a specific purpose, or that otherwise relates to whether it was a gift or not then they won’t be able to force you to repay it.

  3. OP has potentially shot themselves in the foot as they've already bought a replacment machine. I doubt OP wants the old machine on that basis (as it will cost them to dispose of it), and if the seller is willing to return the appliance quickly once this is raised with them OP will struggle to claim any damages to offset the new purchase.

  4. My initial view is that your solicitor is, correctly, advising you to informally enquire via the estate agent to see if the issue can be resolved which isn't unlikely without any cost to you. If they can't, and your willing to pay for your solicitor to formally raise this issue with the buyers solicitors that's fine but this is very likely to cost you more than the value of the absent appliance.

  5. If you have nothing on your disciplinary record previously then you're very unlikely to be fired under any grounds but gross misconduct in your remaining period of employment. They have to follow their own disciplinary process, but it may be viable for them to give you a warning during that time period which they could then disclose in a reference; this could be dangerous for them though.

  6. It's about not wasting each other's time. I'm not into penises. I don't want to waste my time flirting with someone only to find out we are not physically compatible.

  7. Neither am I, I’m just not self-absorbed enough to think that trans women should be required to dress a certain way for my convenience.

  8. In practice you don't have to allow viewings, even if the contract says otherwise; because the process for the landlord to enforce that right, even if they can demonstrate it outweighs your own, is unlikely to be pursued and completed.

  9. No. I’m making them aware of the situation. I specifically said I would honour the contract, which you’d know if you had the attention span to get past the first paragraph. The term in the contract may be unenforceable given how courts typically give precedent to tenants rights when there is a conflict (in this case with the right to quiet enjoyment). If the landlord does follow through, gets it to court, and wins before the tenancy ends in a couple of months then OP would have to allow some form of viewings from that point; but the landlord won’t, it wouldn’t be decided in time, there’s a good chance the landlord would lose, and the result for the OP is no viewings for the majority of the outstanding tenancy.

  10. Helicopter tour companies manage to stay in business by flying six tourists around for an hour at a time for like $150 a pop - that's $1000 an hour.

  11. Try phoning up a helicopter tour company at 02:30 and tell them you want a tour starting in 15 minutes and see whether you get it for $1k an hour...

  12. That still doesn't explain the 100k price for 133 miles of flying. Hell it looks like it's 54k just to show up.

  13. Except the air ambulance, crew, medical equipment, heliport etc don't just appear out of thin air immediately when you have the accident and vanish again afterwards.

  14. Every once in a while I see a video like this, and it makes me question my stance on reducing police violence. I try to keep just a tiny bit of perspective and remember that they constantly have to put up with this idiot. Of course, systemic violence against minorities is far worse.

  15. I wouldn't defend it even in a case like this, tempting as it would be, but unless you can magically decide who the police use violence on then there's no reason to think it generally won't be assholes like this who pay the price.

  16. I don't think they'll let you book/confirm you into a standard 2 person room with 3+ people but they have versions of the standard room types that include a drop-down additional single bed. You can see on the deckplans

  17. You may be right but you're making an lot of assumptions and stating it rather definitively based on them. There are a couple of issues that make it questionable that repayment could be enforced. Firstly, were the details discussed sufficiently clear and complete such that they could be considered a valid and fair contract. The OP mentions in another post that they didn't know the actual cost of the training before attending, and I'm confident that this alone would be enough that the company would struggle on this basis. Secondly, OP would have to have agreed to be bound by that contract. This is more complex, not least because the OP could argue that their decision to accept a different role was influenced by the fact they were told they'd have to pay it back if they signed a contract agreeing to it and they hadn't making it much harder for the employer to claim the employee believed they had agreed to be bound by an informal contract. In and of itself the fact that the company has a waiver/agreement they expect employees to sign about repaying training implies that a manager just giving an employee a verbal outline and the employee nodding along isn't sufficient.

  18. Nah, try going to the credit provider (if used) and dispute it. Shit like "no refund" isn't legal in trade. He didn't receive the service/product, so he is eligible for compensation/refund.

  19. No refunds are perfectly fine as long as it doesn’t breach the merchant agreement or local consumer protections. Try booking a non-refundable plane ticket then demanding your money back and see how far that gets you.

  20. It's so sad that so many people either don't know this insurance exists or they don't want to pay the premium. With 30% of all property transactions not completing it really is worth the cost.

  21. No it isn’t. Insurers charge more than they expect to pay out. It don’t matter what the completion rate is, the price is calculated do the insurer can make a profit and includes VAT so on average you’ll lose 30-50% off what you pay being insured. Insurance is all about removing the risk of losses you can’t afford.

  22. You’re unlikely to get far with a civil case as you aren’t going to be able to claim much in damages. That means contacting the police and hoping it results in a criminal prosecution is the only likely way you’ll get the person who gave your details punished.

  23. This behaviour could clearly be construed as harassment, given that standing outside a property can be construed as such. Contact the police again, keep records and recordings.

  24. I got it if you’re in a position to receive the faked kickoff is a common way to say person in kickoff position should fake. Clearly using the actual faking quick chat is better!

  25. I play with an international clan so end up on US East quite a bit. I’m confident there’s considerably more toxicity there than Europe from opponents but as I’m playing with a group I can’t judge team toxicity.

  26. Looks like they knew your position was no longer needed between offering you the job and you actually starting. If they pulled out before the start date, they'll be on the hook for all those 'considerable costs' you say.

  27. Not true. At most they’d be obligated to pay you for your contractual/statutory notice unless the contract requires more. In other cases the contracts are written such that it isn’t valid until the start of employment so either party can walk away before then.

  28. I wonder in how many months they’re going to cut the Spotify and Netflix rebate for icy+ tiers lol. I’m going to predict that it’ll be before 6 months

  29. I honestly think the reason they don’t cut the benefits on the big tiers is that they know a lot of the holders are sitting on big losses and they don’t want them to sell out; paying $25pm to keep someone staking icy white rather than selling makes sense; someone with Indigo or red… not so much.

  30. If they had like, a 15k or 20k tier I’d play ball. But with all of this feature cutting and volatility I just can’t commit 50 thousand fucking dollars to the cause. They’re making blue, red, and green cards functionally useless, but in doing so, the only other option is 10x more expensive.

  31. Anyone who watched them completely screw over $3k card holders and then decides to upgrade to a $15k card is either insane or an idiot.

  32. They can make you take annual leave but you are entitled to notice in advance of at least twice the length of the leave. This means they could for example tell you to take off the next four Fridays (only 2 days notice required) but they can’t tell you part way through a day that you’re only working half a day etc.

  33. If your card cost 860 CRO then you'll make ballpark 104 ish CRO from DeFi, let's assume a little compounding and be generous and call it 120.

  34. Except you could stake the CRO on DeFi then spend on a different card which offers incentives instead. It's also important to note, given that someone used a vacation as an example of what you could buy, that you get none of the protections of using a credit card when using a prepaid debit.

  35. If you aren't going to use Spotify then imo there's almost no way staking is the best option for you. You can get better credit card cashback/incentives than Ruby now offers especially if you are spending a decent amount.

  36. It's almost like we now have 2.5 years of data, mass vaccination, dominant variants with lower mortality rates, and far more experience at providing medical treatment...

  37. They're obliged to follow disciplinary procedure even if they've only been there 2 seconds. It's just a lot easier to get rid of people. The correct protocol still had to be followed.

  38. The law has to be followed, but there is no need to follow any disciplinary procedure for employees who have been there for less than 2 years. The only exception would be if they include a disciplinary process in your contractual terms and it applies within the first two years; something very few companies do and that is becoming even rarer. Even disciplinary terms in an employee handbook or similar can be ignored (not ethically though imo) unless the contract of employment says the handbook terms are contractual.

  39. Let’s be fair - when talking about crypto specifically, why should global events effect it’s price negatively? The networks are still up, wealth can be transferred just as it always could be? Interest rates mean nothing to a currency/currencies that are not affected by them?

  40. To give a pair of examples: I'm a Crypto investor and I also have borrowings in fiat, fiat interest rates have gone up so I have more of a reason to remove wealth from other investments to decrease borrowing. Alternatively I'm a Crypto investor who would like to have more of an emergency reserve in fiat due to economic uncertainty and interest rates for fiat have been improving, I might decide to sell out some of my Crypto to build those reserves.

  41. I fully understand that point and it’s well made, so thank you, but I’m talking fundamentally, fundamentally crypto isn’t affected by world events (bar events such as global power outages, or a meteor hitting the planet) what you have written is completely fair but without sounding arrogant - that’s a you problem, I invest cash that I have - I don’t borrow and I don’t leverage so for me price fluctuations are just that - fluctuations, I don’t have to worry about external elements. I obviously get that a huge portion of people are borrowing to trade crypto and that’s fine but fundamentally crypto is just a supply of tradeable wealth that can in certain instances be used to pay for things.

  42. What you're missing is that although Crypto operates independently of world events that isn't true when it comes to valuations compared to commodities and fiat currencies where economic assessments, legislation, and general liquidity all have considerable impact.

  43. You've still failed to say which genocides were initiated by the Scottish people or the parliament in Hollyrood? That's because you can't, all UK decisions were made in London. I'll give you some time to use Google pal, get your facts sorted then come back with a sensible comment.

  44. You're literally commenting on a post that is using the claim that the Scottish ran a large part of the British Empire as proof Scotland could manage as an independent nation. You didn't bother challenging that claim, conveniently, but the moment someone points out that the Empire did some dodgy shit you immediately say that must of been England's fault because the Empire was run out of London.

  45. They are not paying you to be at home not working. They are just are fulfilling their contractual obligation to give you x notice when terminating your contract. However they can't have you hanging around the office poisoning fellow staff members and maybe even messing or deleting important documents. So they pay you off your notice period and are done with you. What you do with that time is frankly up to you. They don't give 2 hoots. Effectively they have terminated you and agreed to pay you in lieu of notice.

  46. That may or may not be what is happening. A company can pay you in lieu of notice so if they really don't care about what you do during the notice period they could agree with the employee to pay up the notice and end the employment immediately; a work contract virtually always forbids working for someone else without telling your employer in the UK so you would be in breach of contract if you do it. In practice as long as the alternative employment isn't with a competitor to your old employer they are unlikely to do anything about it and the biggest risk is that they don't pay you for the period you have alternative employment.

  47. Virgin operate a 3 level system for COVID controls, they are currently in the 2nd tier (orange) in Europe, I don't know the US. This means staff have to wear masks inside etc. A cruise ship is inherently a high risk environment for infection, yes everyone is tested when they board but everyone has just been through a couple of airports and on a plane in the previous 48 hours and if they caught it during that journey they won't test positive on embarkation. There are a number of quite high density indoor events and passengers aren't wearing masks. If someone was really concerned about becoming infected I respect that, but I'd argue that getting on a plane or train to get to the cruise would be enough of a risk that regardless of the cruise lines efforts they shouldn't be travelling.

  48. The Cruise (Channel 5 show about voyages cruises) included someone getting an IV to recover from a hangover; an elective treatment not a medically required one. This was on Scarlet Lady but I don't know when. I didn't see anything about this on Valiant Lady two weeks ago when we travelled, but we also weren't looking so it might have been available.

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