1. If you do this + zidane + kaka I feel like you’re sorta set offensively until end game

  2. Kaka isn’t even great right now, never mind end game

  3. Never tried pro clubs but its probably very fun.

  4. Ismaily, Hernani, and Gravenberch were added according to the web app flash screen

  5. was hoping for a decent sbc to put dupe fodder into so I can open packs...

  6. I had no idea so many people love this player. I barely come against him for some reason. Has anyone used him and Pique? Who is better?

  7. Pique miles better imo. Marquez is mid

  8. Do you have a link where I can see how do I do that, please? Thanks!

  9. in PS5 network settings, go to advanced settings, change DNS to manual, then use a custom DNS

  10. Check if your ISP is having issues in your area

  11. I really don't understand what ea is trying to accomplish with accelerate.

  12. just a new buzzword they used to market the game and make it seem like they actually changed anything

  13. defenceless against any special weapon? what?

  14. No. What is the point of having endgame content if most people can access it without an issue. XP isn't the issue either cause seasonal challenges give good xp.

  15. Why should endgame content be gated? This makes no sense

  16. Cause it's end game. Plus it's not really gated. Just play the game for a while and you'll get it.

  17. I leave it on because I’m no coward

  18. make the rich even richer by compensating people who bought the pack with an untradeable hero pack

  19. personally I don't think it will, but can you really put it past EA

  20. just lost half my club value because I bought Brolin this morning

  21. So does that mean with 75 strength, 91 acc, 5’9” and 91 agility i should have it?

  22. no, it's strength - agility, not agility - strength

  23. Besides Haaland and Varane I haven’t noticed any other lengthy player to be OP

  24. Imo it’s all just bro science and once EA fix explosive players, no one will care about lengthy any more

  25. What does it mean when you say lengthy? Sorry in advance if it's a dumb question. I'm just not familiar with this term.

  26. AcceleRATE style, it affects how quickly players get to max speed and it’s calculated by a combination of their in game stats

  27. I’m really trying to understand how the gameplay is fun, i really do. But nothing actually works? Passing is horrendous, dribbling is impossible and keepers save every shot. This is a game, its supposed fo be fun. Imo the gameplay is horrendous

  28. Anyone enjoying current gameplay was probably a bot on the last few fifas

  29. Yet Nexus was totally fine hiding in the alcove while the hydra just shells you with one shot void blasts.

  30. they infinitely spawned a minotaur behind you to deter you but he was a chump

  31. Cap asf. It was honestly fine where it was, people just need to cope. The community complaining about everything is the exact same root issue as the div discussion rn.

  32. I think it’s clear who needs to cope

  33. we should be chasing loot for the rolls, not for arbitrary power levels

  34. Nope. You could also very much argue that weapon rolls are very arbitrary. Most of the time it won’t make a huge difference

  35. You could argue that but then you’d be arguing that loot as a whole is arbitrary and we should go back to fixed rolls and not bother grinding anything

  36. I just logged in to see that Ribery I bought for 650 3 days ago is now 330k, logged out. :d

  37. Could be worse, I paid 3.8 mill and forgot to sell before batch 3 ☠️

  38. Will probably do him but completely overrun with "heavy" strikers for Serie A.....Abraham, Milito not to mention TOTS Immobile/Vlaho. We really need an endgame CAM other than Dybala

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