1. But what about stuff like feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and feeling different from the others and not being in touch with my emotions? Aren’t those also found in neurodivergent people?

  2. But if you’re happier why does it matter where it comes from? If transitioning —which means a different thing for everyone— makes you happier why should it matter at all?

  3. Even if the whole world won’t accept you we always will here. There are people out there who care, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel that way. If you can find just a few of those people, or even one, they can make such a difference. The opinion of random people on the internet isn’t what’s important. Who knows more about what they’re talking about? The random people on the internet who decided they hate something they can’t understand? Or the people who love and accept you no matter who you are and are always there for you?

  4. It’s pretty common to have both, we don’t really know why though

  5. Dysphoria isn’t necessary to be valid, but impostor syndrome about being trans is a very trans thing

  6. The way it’s said and the people saying it can definitely make a difference.

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