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I needed this today

  • By - aaxn

  1. Can i quickly just express how much i fucking love ryan gosling? I am not gay, but if i ever met ryan gosling, i'd have to physically force myself not to kiss his beautiful sexy lips while staring deep into those beautiful pearly blue eyes of his

  2. i'm not literally ryan gosling cause if i was literally him i could never date him


  4. you are cute. it's a little known secret, but people who want to be cute are all already cute.

  5. that's like one of the least weird options tbh. I'd like to wear a wedding dress as well

  6. the price of tihs shit is apout to SKYROCKET

  7. i like having it there though, i think i'll just leave it

  8. how tf he gonna drink through the mask though

  9. Having a amazon power mommy is all fun and games until she demands to milk you twice a day on camera no matter what your schedule is

  10. are you reading my mind? this is pretty much exactly what I've been fantasizing about this week. thank you for the recording!

  11. I hope she can eat the chocolate without poisoning herself o_o

  12. I don't have much of a preference but the one in the picture is an intersex person

  13. Thank you, I create kinks in my head based on deep seated emotional traumas and try in vain to use sexual expression to process the neglect I experienced as a child. :)

  14. same! gotta love the "emotionally disconnected from everyone during childhood -> only able to display emotion during BDSM" pipeline

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