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  1. I looked up animes that are similar to studio ghibli and this is what came up.

  2. I never watched that anime and what do you mean by 27F?

  3. Mission complete is how far agent 47 takes it. Gets it done with the achievement as “ghost” never to be seen.

  4. Come on guys you all know the strongest human is Yamacha 🤣😂

  5. Doesn’t black Adam use lighten, he may just boost up Thor 😂🤣

  6. Goku can beat him now. How you may ask? … press the button to call Zeno 😂😂

  7. He wouldn’t be able to tell his kids much about his parents lol

  8. Superman looks stronger now sweet 😂

  9. Sorry I want the deluxe think you misread the actual post

  10. Oh I’m sorry, ya I don’t have the deluxe

  11. I got dragon ball super vol 10-16 everything after the power of tournament

  12. Zeno …. Erase … no more Popeye 😂

  13. The the god Popeye’s universe turned off all of reality in order to kill Popeye and he ignored it because he eats his spinach.

  14. Ahh I see it’s whatever they say forget common sense 😂

  15. Nah this man is lying. No author statement says knull is above toaa. Knull died in a star lmao

  16. Well from what I found online here “ We’ve seen Knull disintegrated and seemingly destroyed forever. However, the God of Symbiotes has been described as amortal so many times, fans wonder – can Knull ever be killed? Well, according to Donny Cates, the creator of Knull: “Darkness never dies.”And, that makes sense, if you ask me. Knull is a primordial being. He was the first “something” in the endless “nothing” before the universe was even created. He predates life and death, and a being of such power can never really be killed.”

  17. I love how they gave Black Bolt a speech bubble and just didn’t put anything in it

  18. Ya he can’t say much or he would wipe them all out 😂😂

  19. It’s hard to say but how strong is doomsday 52? There’s a lot of opponents that he’s up against at once. Not sure if he would get overwhelmed or maybe he can keep up with them, since he did kill superman.

  20. Bro I have no idea I thought the same way and then I saw it in the shelf at at barnes and nipples and then boom.

  21. I actually got the vol 16 at Barnes and noble today 😁😁😁

  22. Lmfaooo my phone autocorrected and I laughed so hard I left it.

  23. Ya you gotta hate when the phone tells you want you wanted to say, changes the meaning entirely 😆

  24. It says you like diversity and also you will be reading for awhile with one piece story line. Seems like you may also like some gore so please do get berserk as well. 😁

  25. That’s one sweet gift for a lucky friend.

  26. Good collection... tho pls that bookshelf is disturbing imo... too chaotic XD

  27. Not too many shelf’s like that, gives it a unique vibe 😁 Or just looks broken lol

  28. it's not the looks that makes it disturbing, but the fact that the manga can be ruined

  29. Yes that is possible, hopefully he doesn’t mind the bad condition look. I try to keep all of my manga and comics in perfect condition so I would use a shelf like that lol but it looks cool in a way.

  30. One book at a time just take it easy no need to go broke 😂😂

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