1. If you have to move to Ohio I would recommend bay village, Celina, or somewhere by water. Or possibly oakwood Ohio (an upscale Dayton suburb).

  2. I’ve been all throughout Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky… that being said, the most backwoods redneck areas I’ve ever seen was in SE Ohio.

  3. I know the solution! More guns! Bigger guns! Guns in the hands of even worse misanthropes! Let's make Ohio a safe haven for bullets everywhere.

  4. Yeah, I'd swipe left on people showing kids to strangers on the internet.

  5. It shows they have no common sense, so I agree, that’s a no for me.

  6. I feel like all these people “in the know” have an understanding of something that MIGHT be coming here or happening in the near future and that’s why they’re all coming forward in huge numbers now. Does anyone else find it strange the sudden push for disclosure the past few years after our govt has hid this shit for literal decades in the past?

  7. Of course it’s strange. And even weirder is how they have been backtracking. It seems like different interests want or don’t want the info coming out. I think soon the ufo thing will be super widespread.

  8. It’s a cultural thing. They are homogeneous and taught at an early age respect, discipline, cleanliness etc. in western society we are just a collection of different (and many failed) cultures.

  9. there is nothing new under the sun. besides, i will not be satisfied until they start remaking 80's teen movies.

  10. Honestly i have been more hyped for shows than movies currently

  11. The 2000s were probably the golden age of tv but I s enjoy plenty of stuff. Back then it was unreal, the sopranos, six feet under, and the wire. All in a period when social media and smartphones weren’t around. I don’t think I will ever see an era of tv like that again in my life.

  12. Went to watch the Sopranos recently since i never watched it before and holy shit was it a good show. I really wish we got more gang/ criminal shows because its always interesting to see it from their pov

  13. Try tusla king it’s pretty damn good! It’s the same writer as many of the sopranos episodes.

  14. If you have multiple players will it show each players stats individually or just take stats from both and use it on one player? I have a shooting guard and a point guard and it doesn’t have separate stats on their nba2k cards it’s the same stats.

  15. It resets after each season. Reasons why, I have no idea. The same thing happened on 2k22 as well.

  16. While Ohio is boring, it’s also ugly as fuck, which is probably another reason why they aren’t filming there.

  17. The film industry bases where they film off financial incentives, and tax breaks. Most projects are NOT filmed in their fictional setting. However, I agree, it makes movies/tv less authentic. When watching stranger things you can tell it’s not actually Indiana.

  18. The world would go crazy if it was revealed aliens exist and are here on earth, it would definitely change the world, of course you would still have to go work, but you act like it wouldn't change anything which is just untrue. Do you see how people act now? People would erupt 😂, it would be breaking news on every TV screen in the world.

  19. I think people would riot and loot one another if we all realized a higher life force controls us, and that god and morality doesn’t even exist. So I think the government’s have a damn good fear of disclosure.

  20. That would just go to show how short of attention span / ongoing critical thought our high percentage cattle status has drip fed us to become.

  21. I would recommend going to jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, I also would recommend going to la rosas, if drinking is your thing check out over the rhine. Also, cincy has a very nice zoo. Plus, the bengals are in town this weekend. It’s not super exciting, but not as boring as it’s rep would make you believe.

  22. A train between Cincy, Columbus and Cleveland would be great. Especially if the schedule would link up with Reds, Bengals, Blue Jackets, Guardians and Browns games. Throw in some college sports, concerts. A 'midnight express'... Would be especially awesome over weekends.

  23. Ohio is a very fiscally conservative state. People are stuck in their ways, and fail to embrace change. People would bitch and say how it will make taxes increase. Plus, Ohio has lots of backwoods people that could care less about visiting any of the cities.

  24. Have you seen “Man in the High Castle” on Prime? It’s based on a book of the same name. Kinda goes along with what you’re talking about.

  25. I didn’t really like it that much, maybe it’s worth another try.

  26. After reading through all of the comments, OP speaks truth and that's why you're all hating on him.

  27. Humans are an accident that were never meant to be. Mold on a forgotten cheese sandwich that someone rediscovered and now they're just watching it to see what happens in the petri dish for shits and giggles. If the experiment gets too dangerous...or makes it's way out of the petri dish...the experiment will be terminated. You are not the greatest creation of some God and made in his image. At best, humans are a failed experiment and a freak accident that someone is now doing damage control to contain. I don't think scientists give lab rats a fair warning before they're euthanized, do you?

  28. What makes you think damage control is being done? Haven’t aliens always visited earth?

  29. Our life spans are far shorter than theirs. Maybe they told our ancestors they’d be right back and 1,000 earth years passed to their 3 days.

  30. That’s exactly how I look at it. They may visit every 1300 years or something bizarre like that.

  31. the universe is a dark forest...

  32. A majority of the population is unaware, and would say your silly for believing.

  33. Ignorance is bliss. Even after MSM aired this most people choose to ignore disturbing information.

  34. I see a false flag involving aliens to gain more control. That's exactly why it's happening at such a bad time. It's at the RIGHT time. I'm a believer as much as any of you but this stinks to the high heavens to me.

  35. Everything about musk is bizarre how you never heard a word about him in the 90s or 00s then he comes out of seemingly nowhere and is involved in rockets and satellites. If anyone is an ET it’s him.

  36. 36-72 hrs is the most severe portion of detox.

  37. It’s almost hard for me to relate I feel. My drinking is severe but not as severe as lots of the AA people I’ve met, so I feel like I don’t belong.

  38. Sorry that it hit so close to you. Hope you don't have to deal with them or at least their ideology too much.

  39. I don’t we are talking about 2nd and 3rd cousins. I wouldn’t hang around with hard core right wingers unless I had no choice in the matter.

  40. A majority do, but we’ve entered a phase where majorities don’t always carry the day.

  41. It’s a time period of uncertainty for sure. It’s kind of like the 1920s all over again.

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