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  1. We will tolerate their cultures until their cultures dictate ours. Not good.

  2. I’m not church going but I am a Christian although not really a believer.

  3. Vatira or FK. Both have had incredible individual performances, and they're the only two that haven't had significant dips in results. Personally, I would give it to Vati.

  4. We don't get charged a fraction of our income. We get charged in pounds and pence.

  5. Did you think this was a clever comment when you made it?

  6. Why are the SNP being like this - is that court ruling going to tear them apart like brexit is tearing apart the tories?

  7. What do you expect a single-issue party to do? If the independence movement dies, so does the SNP.

  8. That poor, poor dead horse. The SNP need to leave it alone.

  9. Yes, it’s the police’s fault….. a growing trend of blaming the responders instead of the perps is infuriating. Like the hack job on the ambulance workers and paramedics at the Ariana Grande concert

  10. Because I'm not responsible for managing users in an ecm you assume I'm not a sysadmin? Ok

  11. Surely you do document management and access control? And surely you're aware that Sys Admins are typically domain and global administrators, right?

  12. Wow cool well done bro, I'm sure your employer is worthy of your loyalty. Fucking grass.

  13. ^ someone who will never progress beyond entry level.

  14. Haven’t met a single one, but aight.

  15. Try being English in Glasgow, or pretty much any small town, then you might get an idea.

  16. I like how only one person in the comments brought up the most likely outcome. The engine the game runs on (Clausewitz) rounds when showing numbers (thus why you almost never see decimals), but internally it keeps them unrounded. PDX games have always had weird things like this, and it’s never been a big deal

  17. Did you read the rest of my comment? There’s very likely a hidden modifier (equal to -25) causing this. That would then make it to a -13, but then the rounding issue comes in, making it the -12

  18. And you're defending a hidden modifier like it's not an oversight that it's hidden? Okay then.

  19. Ehhh why are African countries and Middle East losses not that serious but this is somehow for everyone?

  20. Why do Middle Easterners and Africans care more about what happens in the Middle East and Africa more than they care about what happens in Europe?

  21. Your skill level is not static, you have a base and a peak. You've peaked, now you dip, then you'll peak again etc.

  22. why do you have a diamond 3 flair if your rank shows here as gold 2. hmm?

  23. you are at fault too for not rotating back, i wont deny, your teammate is dogshit but you should have rotated back

  24. I’d much rather have this happen than stealing the goal, leaves me with no crying teammate and time to come back into the game. Learn to secure your own goal and not rely on me to clean up because you hit the ball to slowly.

  25. Eh it lost credibility when it went beyond anti-English. If she'd left it there then there could be a discussion around how the SNP play on and stoke anti-English sentiment in nationalist circles, and how their "it's always Westminster's fault" attitude furthers that, but when it went beyond that it stopped being worth discussing.

  26. Why would the whistleblowers go to Newsweek out of all respectable news outlets lmao

  27. Do you ever read articles before commenting? I'm guessing not.

  28. End result is the same. Two people bought you something in fair assumption you'd repay, now you want to opt out it's only fair you pay back what you owe.

  29. Other folk could be in the same situation as you. Imagine you had already bought it, then someone dropped out before they paid it back? You'd be pretty annoyed right? It's essentially the same as being the 3rd person in the round at the pub but leaving before your round is due.

  30. Right but no one knows other people's situations, that's not OPs problem.

  31. I know I’m unattractive so I took a leap of faith and shot my shot at a person who I though would be unattractive to other people and still got turned down😮‍💨

  32. You do realise you can make an analysis of a community you're a part of without it being incorrect, contradictory or hypocritical, right?

  33. How do you know where you are located in the statistical bell?

  34. Do we all realize that Russia and China were hosts some years ago? China for the Olympics.. CHINA a land where they put people in cages because they are sick. And Russia.. Guess I have to say nothing.

  35. China didn't promise to serve alcohol, let anyone and everyone in and respect Western cultures and then as soon as the tournament started back track on it all and start confiscating people's shit.

  36. Tbh, why not just give every minor region 2 spots and reduce NA & EU to 4 spots each. Imo this would still be fairly equitable while giving minkr regions a bit more exposure at interregional events.

  37. Because international events are meant to showcase the best in the world?

  38. So you're saying two political parties put something on a manifesto they had no authority or legal standing to promise?

  39. The UK legal and political system doesn't work on precedence like that, I think you've been watching too many US TV shows mate.

  40. What's wrong with 15 for rocket league? For what purpose would the age req be increased to 18?

  41. The price today is irrelevant to what energy companies paid 6 months ago and are now using...

  42. I have to disagree, in the 21st century one has to value economics and culture much more. The US is a clear Super Power and China is getting there, although with little cultural influence outside its neighbourhood.

  43. Super power isn't a rank in the game, so not sure how you've squared that circle. The discussion was in context of the game.

  44. Sorry my bad, I should clarify. Hungary only participated in the deportation of jews after Operation Margarethe.

  45. Finally someone on the internet actually said it out loud. It really baffles me that we are living in an era where loving your country, your people, your God is considered as evil inhumane acts. You love your country then you are branded a nationalist. If you love your people then you are a racist. If you believed in a certain faith then you are a fanatic. Don't get this behaviour at all.

  46. There's a difference between loving your country as it is, and prancing around like a twat insinuating others land is yours.

  47. Omg its so boring, people do more about politics rather than football. I hate it. Let qatar have its own culture and rule and accept them, they wont change. They even bought the votes to host the WC. People care more about gay people, rather our REAL problems.

  48. Because gay people being executed for existing isn't a real problem to you?

  49. Belgium, the same nation that did tremendous atrocities to people in their colonies, exposed children as zoo animals?

  50. Modern Belgium has given over 300m euros to the DRC in the last 20 years, and is a front runner in human rights.

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