1. $10ea is about ballpark correct for most seeds. At least I hope they're meaning "each"

  2. How are you liking your NASC purchases? I have been using Dr. Greenthumb for a few years and having more and more issues each year. I am thinking about switching up to NASC (mostly because they are local to me).

  3. NASC has been good to me with my handful of orders. One issue with purchasing came up but it took all of under a minute to get it resolved after messaging them. My last order was also missing the baseline freebies but I also haven't brought it up as the 4th of July and breeder freebies (6ea) were plenty.

  4. In their seeds menu under "Bulk/White label"

  5. Yeah look Im no scientist. I just remember a mate who had been striking clones from the same plant successfully for years. And then all of sudden they wouldnt work. Do you not think theres a limit on how old a plant can be even if just vegetating? Cells do have a shelflife right?

  6. If the cell line isn't immortal, yes. Barring externalities (nutrition, disease) if you had a cell line with an absolute lifespan of 50 years you could not take cuttings at 49 years and have those live 50 more years.

  7. It's an interesting point though - as a cutting would be taken from new growth and then planted in a new medium and would grow new roots. Technically no single part of that newly rooted cutting is older than a few weeks. It this point, is it still an 'old plant'?

  8. It is if you consider "old" to be it still being constrained by the lifespan of the source plant. They're all cells split from the same cells and subject to decay/corruption unless the species is immortal.

  9. Current net pot solution on a 2" pot

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