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  1. What county? It looks too “tall and skinny” to be a pure fasciculata. More than likely it’s a hybrid swarm (which now since has gained species status)

  2. Also what environment were you in? Mesic flat woods? Hammock? cypress stand?

  3. Nice find! I've been hunting chuluota not far from Christmas and have still only encountered pan cyan, not a single cube. Admittedly I'm too much of a chicken to go in peoples pastures if I can't see them from the fence line, but its encouraging to know there are cubes close!

  4. I haven’t found any pan cyan!! Only cubes so far lol 😆

  5. Ok guys I’m getting mixed IDs here. Is there anything I can do to help get a more accurate one? Should I cut in half to show the inside?

  6. That mofo made my hand go numb for hours

  7. Lol the other night I purchased camouflage gloves, a red/green headlamp, pepper spray, bug spray and a camouflage tarp. Nobody questioned it

  8. Pm me I have a step by step instructional video

  9. We all use the toilet facing the wall behind said toilet, right?

  10. Then it’s like we got a lil work station for our things. It’s the best way to multi task. I prefer writing in my journal or calendar this way. 😄

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