1. Which makes no sense cause "Christ" literally means "cross", and an X is basically a.......

  2. AFAIK, the X is meant to represent the Greek letter Chi, which is used as a

  3. I really enjoyed the leveling. Yeah, it made some battles really easy, but overall, I loved stumbling in to a battle I was severely underleveled for. It made me actually strategize to pull off a win. I lost around 4 times, and each loss felt great. The battles were wonderful, and I never felt like they were impossible, even when I was like 15 levels below what I should’ve been for the battle.

  4. I was very against the “no scaling” thing in concept, but in practice my only problem with it was that the level caps that the gym badges give you for having your Pokémon listen to you were too low. My order from the picture was 1-4-5-9-11-3-6-7-2-14-8-10-15-17-12-18-13-16, and I felt pretty much fine for most of it, with two exceptions. One was before Katy, because I spent my first ~2 days with the game wandering around catching stuff, which was very fun but led to me effectively starting overleveled. The other was Larry, who almost beat me because the Ghost Tera Garganacl I expected to be my ace wouldn’t listen to me. That’s why I beelined to Brassius and Iono directly afterward instead of fighting Mela and Klawf first like I’d planned. Everything else was fine, because clapping the lower-level bosses feels kinda standard by now and the higher-level bosses posed decent challenges.

  5. Unironically, I love the idea of "monster cultural anthropologist"

  6. Unironically, this is why I enjoy monster girl anime. They can be as horny as they want, but I’m here for the cryptozoology

  7. Rock/ghost: a bunch of gravel. It's geodude post self-destruct.

  8. I'm not sure if this is true but anecdotally, I’ve never had auto save on and my game has never crashed. I've not seen any bugs anywhere near comparable to what's online

  9. Likewise. The first thing I did when the game started was go into the settings menu, and the fist thing I did there was turn off auto-save, even before upping text speed. The worst I’ve encountered by way of bugs/performance issues are the occasional lighting hiccup, a bit of silly hit detection while riding Koraidon, or some lag in visually busy areas like the Ruchbah squad base, which are all pretty par for the course as far as I’ve seen. Otherwise, things have been perfectly fine. No crashes or anything like that.

  10. Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

  11. Yeah even during the Frieza and Sayain sagas Vegeta still feared Frieza.

  12. I mean, to be fair, he grew up scared of Frieza. That shit was baked in from childhood, and by the time 17 and 18 show up, he’s a Super Saiyan and stronger than Frieza had ever been. That’s bound to give someone like Vegeta a big head. Or… a bigger head, I guess.

  13. Trained by overwatch... think she can't fight? Nah I'd pick mei any time of day

  14. Yeah but if Tracer doesn’t have her gear, then she doesn’t have her chronal accelerator. At that point you could probably win by default.

  15. Literally almost every female character has very long legs. And also Lucio

  16. Imagine writing this and thinking it makes you look good though. This person sounds like an absolute nightmare.

  17. I consider 14 to be the dividing line. 1-13 is the truly great part of the show and 15 an onward is pretty shark-jumpy for me. 14 being an anthology puts it kind of outside my traditional way of judging things. I still really like it, though. Later seasons aren’t without their merits (S15E5 in particular is a riot) but broadly I think 14 marks the split.

  18. I’ve seen blue for HP and green for MP in JRPGs like the Bravely Default series and been fine with that, but that might be because I’m used to Pokémon games where Max Potions are blue and Full Restores are green.

  19. it’s not so much hate as it’s truth, The man ruined the book for his benefit.

  20. Do you want an actual answer? You can click and have the mystery elucidated for you at the cost of being just a tiny bit more aware of Homestuck.

  21. Oh, and here I was thinking it was the Green Sun. Guess you can be blindsided by a Homestuck reference even within a Homestuck reference.

  22. This; he’s literally just cleaner. If you compare the images to his in-game model from OW1, they’re both a little off, but his hairline, eyebrows, pupil size, and mouth-to-chin ratio all match the OW2 portrait more. I think it’s the goggles downplaying his widow’s peak that makes it seem more different than it is.

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