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  1. "Gilbert, 41, pleaded guilty to 11 charges of producing child pornography, sexual touching and sexual assault in February."

  2. That's horrific. But still, the progressive view is for "restorative justice" where criminals try to repair the harms they caused, and eventually are re-integrated into their community.

  3. Imagine defending a pedo. You make me sick.

  4. Did he escape or did you let him wander unleashed?

  5. This generation is weak. I can guarantee you that if I worked in that building, I wouldn't be complaining about the heat. None of my forefathers did. They worked through the sweltering summers like men, and never complained a peep.

  6. Assuming that the funeral doesn't overlap with one of her girl's weekends.

  7. No you don't understand, his family is nearby and he doesn't start chemo until next week. No biggie.

  8. If I was at the carnival, there wouldn't be any kids fighting. They'd be cowering in fear and asking for mercy.

  9. A bunch of unnecessarily highly paid (especially for a province like ours) assholes are going to have a meeting and will probably make a few six figure positions for someone to tackle the problem and they will accomplish next to nothing.

  10. Yes, most homeless folk refuse help because of untreated mental issues, which is their right in places like Canada. But that's why a much tougher issue than most people make it out to be.

  11. Is your landlord actually offering you a new lease? Because if he wants to increase the rent that much (legally), he shouldn't be offering it to you. He needs to find a new tenant.

  12. Why do you disagree with the premise? People have limited time to apply for jobs. If a job application takes more time and effort, you're probably only going to prioritize it if it's something you have a good shot at (i.e. are qualified for). On the contrary, if an application is just a button-click, there's little cost to applying for it, so people do it even though they aren't particularly qualified.

  13. You keep bring up your bot which is totally irrelevant, and are unable to follow fairly simple arguments. I have my suspicions why you need to apply to so many jobs.

  14. Personally, I think Morris East is one. The price for what you get is ridiculous! It’s paper thin pizza that isn’t even that great. You can get waayyyy better pizza for so much less! It’s another overrated pizza place to me.

  15. I agree it's very overpriced, but I do find their pizzas pretty tasty.

  16. Expensive, no, but not cheap either. And for that money you can get MUCH better food, with less chance of food poisoning

  17. Just looked at menu (never been for obvious reasons). It's surprisingly expensive. $18 burgers. Makes you wonder how they've stayed in business so long.

  18. Had no idea what the "issue" was until I read the comments. Still feels like a pretty big reach. It's just fruit art -- I highly doubt there's some racist subtext here.

  19. What makes you think this would bankrupt Tim Hortons? The constant changes in direction that Tim’s is experiencing is indicative to me of a company trying out new things because they are losing money and aren’t able to capitalize on easy money.

  20. Tim's is doing fine. They've just switched to a model that sacrifices food quality for higher profits.

  21. It's not unreasonable to ask that an additional tenant pay additional rent. The amount and the fact that the additional rent needs to be in cash is what rubbed me the wrong way.

  22. The landlord probably wants to do it under the table so that he doesn't have to write up a new lease agreement for you.

  23. Lmao WHAT? That's your first thought seriously? The landlord is NOT a saint who is going out of their way to not write a new lease agreement out of the goodness of their heart. The landlord is going this because they do not want to pay income tax on the additional money.

  24. I wasn't implying he was a saint, I was implying he doesn't want to do a bunch of extra work to write up a new agreement... Calm your hormones.

  25. This is a way for female players to get together and have a space where they won't be in danger of being harrassed/excluded simply for being women

  26. I don't suspect there's much harassment in a game like RL for being a women (or any other physical attribute). 99% of the time, I have no idea about the gender or anything else about my teammates.

  27. Ding’s generation would have studied English all through school, and since he’s got a law degree his English would’ve been tested at a pretty high level. I’d say he’s just a shy dude, I’ve seen his Chinese interviews and they feel pretty similar.

  28. It's probably a combo of weak English and lack of confidence. You can definitely tell he often has a hard time expressing himself.

  29. We only have black bears in the province anyway, which are extremely timid and afraid of people. Black bear attacks are almost unheard of.

  30. Sounds like you were mistreated/harassed by your manager. I don't see this as being a problem with Microsoft so much as that specific employee. But there's no way of correcting issues like this if you don't speak up about it and bring his inappropriate behaviour to light.

  31. This doesn't seem like a Microsoft issue though, you were being harassed by a bad manager and didn't go to HR when HR would of been on your side(HR is here to protect from lawsuits) did you keep any of the emails you had where you asked for concrete performance issues? Did you cya in anyway?

  32. Totally agree. I honestly think that if OP had escalated this issue, the manager would be the one getting in serious trouble. Big companies take harassment/abuse, especially based on things like disabilities, very seriously.

  33. Halifax isn't as bad as some people make it out to be and I honestly believe that many of the most negative people on this sub wouldn't be happy anywhere they lived.

  34. That's with online in general. Most happy people are outside living their lives rather than spending a lot of time on the internet.

  35. HRM needs more high rises - we can’t keep up with housing demand and maintain some green space without building up

  36. Agreed. I love seeing new apartments or condos going up. Housing needs to keep up with growth in the city.

  37. Do you think renaming streets is… uncommon? They are not eternal, nor are they meant to be. Using that logic, why even bother having roads, if personal flight vehicles might become ubiquitous in the next 30 years?

  38. You didn't think about it long enough. Just imagine a game like hearts, except 3 of the 4 players are trying to give tricks to player 4, while player 4 tries not to take them.

  39. That's just re-defining the win conditions. Winning by losing doesn't make any sense.

  40. OP put it in quotes. This would be an example of the kind of game they want. You're just mad about it.

  41. You're right, I'm absolutely enraged by this reddit thread. You got me. I'm gonna need a bubble bath to calm down.

  42. A mural (in blue) of a deceased actor whom was mostly known for his role as the drunk trailer park supervisor. If this is what my city is promoting then I'm doomed. Maybe this mural will make the aging population of Halifax feel younger? I met him once and he was a bit short with me so I've got a low opinion of him.

  43. You sound miserable based on your post history here on reddit. Hope life gets better for you!

  44. You probably got slow responses because there was no salary posted, and the rest of us are tired of people like you wasting our time with low paying jobs.

  45. You do have to weigh the disadvantages from the employer's perspective. Advertising the salary might increase the amount of applications, but not necessarily from people who are qualified. It also limits your negotiation ability, which isn't just about getting someone for cheap, but also paying a premium for candidates that seem especially valuable.

  46. I think Magnus is past the point of needing to be champion to maintain his celebrity. He’s a near household name, in the same category as Kasparov or Fischer

  47. Magnus isn't anywhere near a household name, at least outside of Norway. The vast majority of the populace doesn't follow chess at all or know any chess players.

  48. He made Time’s 100 most influential people at one point. Most people don’t follow chess, but if those people can name one current professional chess player, it’s probably Magnus.

  49. Chess isn't nearly as popular as basketball or soccer. Just like most people aren't aware of the "Lebron of water polo".

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