IRS warns taxpayers about new $600 threshold for third-party payment reporting

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  1. Loads of people who aren't particularly religious find many kinks really weird. Embracing kinks just gives the fundies more ammo to portray LGBTQ+ people as freaks who want to indoctrinate your kids.

  2. Fuck em. They won't accept us anyway and Kink has a long history of being hella supportive allies.

  3. Less is more in terms of straight, white people being ally’s.

  4. Honestly recognizing how your vote affects others would be good enough to me.

  5. My wife loves her mom and makes excuses for her. I love my wife so I don’t press the issue.

  6. If you can't take it you shouldn't dish it. Homophobia shouldn't get a free pass.

  7. I'm on Mint Mobile. 15/month with 5 gigs of data and it piggybacks t-mobile. No problems here.

  8. It's bad practice to call all the bigots secretly queer. It downplays how fucking often the bigots are cis and straight and makes it look like a in-group problem when it most certainly is not.

  9. You have 20 seconds to comply.

  10. I wonder if.... People would have a higher chance of survival with kill bots vs cops?

  11. Making fun of twinks and bottoms is just rebranded misogyny… It’s become really popular for people (even non-LGBTQ+) to make fun of skinny, feminine gay guys, with the punchline being that they’re a bottom. How does anyone think this is ok?

  12. This is just a reality of life. When you are born, you have unlimited potential, but with every step you take, other paths close. So while you may never get to experience growing up as your preferred gender and some of the classic coming of age aspects that might bring, it's not too late to find some contentment or even happiness with the paths still open to you.

  13. They could always commiserate with us other trans folk about missing out on a proper childhood.

  14. Post-40. Lots of us in our late twenties need to stay in denial please.

  15. Not any. YMMV but I might be intersex as it was discovered that I've had an almost cis girl level of T most of my life. Honestly transitioning has given me a normal hormonal balance.

  16. I apologize for putting the effort of changing my entire speech pattern for the sake of others well being?

  17. How in the world is using a gender neutral term instead of a gendered one not degendering?

  18. Sometimes I feel old because I forget a lot of y'all don't have as much life experience as me.

  19. People who decide to detransition are less than 1% of the trans population. The most common reason is they were convinced by outside influences that they were making the wrong choice to transition. Of transgender people over the age of 25, virtually none of them will detransition. All of them (including me) realize that although this journey is hard and now fraught with danger, it is far better than the alternative.

  20. Chill man. Stop having so much hate in your heart. There are a lot of good people in texas and everywhere. You watch so much news you get full of hate. Go outside.

  21. Allow me to be specific, fuck the transphobic Republicans of Texas.

  22. The transpassing sub is toxic af. I left after I read some pos wrote "ffs is necessary" to a pre hrt 16yr old girl who wasnt quite masculine to begin with.

  23. I was told that I looked like a 40 year old man as a 28 year old trans woman on that subreddit.

  24. Girls are not emotionally more expressive because of their biochemistry, but because we teach them to be that way. You cannot change your personality simply by taking estrogen. Biology plays a very small part in all of this.

  25. Great, i will not try to convince you. Disagreement is fine! You can keep believing in your bioessentialist worldview, and i keep believing in my mine, that were not slaves to our biology.

  26. Like, the denial of the fact that testosterone and estrogen have very different effects on your brain chemistry is weird to me.

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