1. Were you able to translate? The dude says that the pulsation is greater than 10% at 30% brightness and lower, and the graph shows that the frequency of pulsation is ~120Hz (the distance / period between dips is around 7-8ms). He also says that the spec sheet lists PWM frequency as 10440Hz, but according to his meter it's around 120Hz.

  2. Hey. Yes, I got what he said and specifically asked him about frequency. He said that Radex Lupin (his device) could not detect PWM with very high frequencies (above 400 Hz or so). Instead, it shows just the refresh rate. So I guess the frequency here should be at least not bad. With these pulsation coefficients on most brightness levels, this screen can be at least less harmful than others.

  3. Oh damn, I just noticed. On that chart he has, with luminosity as Y and time as X, this hairbrush-like pattern has the frequency close to 120Hz but the luminosity changes between 130 and 150 luks. I previously was reading it as 0-150 for some reason. Yeah, around 12-15% dip, it's not that bad.

  4. Get around what? The encryption feature exists, so they use it. Their replication options built in are pretty limited IMO, so they may not come across these edge cases in supported use.

  5. The code being unmaintained. I guess you're right, limiting access to what users can do should protect them from being exposed to weird kernel panics

  6. Unmaintained doesn’t mean suddenly broken, so they’ll be fine unless users start finding issues in the features they do use. In which case iX are going to have to step up and fix it up, or spend some of their enterprise revenue on bounties to allow/assist other developers to do it in order to keep an enterprise quality for their customers

  7. I followed the link and there were three linked issues, in all of them (or just the two) the aforementioned rincebrain was advocating against using native encryption in OpenZFS. Then my mind went to FreeNAS where that encryption is the default method, that's why I wrote "get around", which is technically non sequitur

  8. How many files and what's the total size? ST rescans every hour by default, but it's configurable. A scan for 1TB directory with 500k files can take some time. It also, if it watches the directory, wants to sync the files right away, which sometimes gets in a way of actually doing stuff.

  9. It’s unified memory. This is more than fine for most people. Only problem with this base model would be the slower disc speed.

  10. Unfortunately moving RAM closer to the CPU doesn't make it any faster, at least not in M1/M2. You can check the latency, it's pretty meh. It would have been fine-ish if the SSD was fast, but 256GB SSD base model is really slow in M2 (which was widely covered on launch). I mean I would probably still use it for mail / reddit / remotely accessing a normal computer or a server, but that's about it. A couple of Jira tabs and you're out of RAM.

  11. Wouldn't be so bad if not for the soldered RAM and SSD. Really sad to see good machines be limited by manufacturer's greed, you could get much more use out of this unit if you could expand storage and memory down the road. So much for environmental sustainability.

  12. M1 has RAM on CPU die, it's not even soldered (I mean, it kinda is, but together with CPU basically)

  13. I just use an HBA card and 6x2TB in RAIDZ2, if you aren’t bothered connecting it, you get cheaper storage with more redundancy

  14. Power draw is more my concern.Unless you spin them down, most drives will consume ~10W idling (especially older drives).

  15. I was talking about cheaper 2TB SSD drives, yeah. Before, 4TBs were generally around $600 and $450 on sale. I think the HBA itself can pull up to 20-25W, depending on how old it is.

  16. Then why do you use Duolingo in English? To make Dutch extra difficult?

  17. Dutch duolingo course might not be available in one's native language

  18. I found that if you connect multiple devices to your laptop connected by Wi-Fi, once there's a change on a laptop, it sends it to everybody and bogs the sync down, to the point that having multiple devices connected becomes counterproductive, because if you just wanted to send a large file from you laptop to your desktop you'll have to wait longer.

  19. What would you think about dyeing your hair black and listening to gothic rock? :)

  20. If you're running a docker, /music directory gets mapped to your local path with music

  21. so if I add the music/albums to Additional App Storage it doesnt add it to navidrome? because that is the problem Im currently running into .

  22. I'm pretty sure you need to go into Navidrome docker properties and paste the path to your music library (inside your NAS). It will look like -v /music:/mnt/yourtank/whatever/music. I don't have an active Scale installation right now, don't remember the details.

  23. I ordered it on Jan 6th for 108$, with ETA jan 28, and now I ordered it again, with ETA Jan 15? K

  24. whats the use for a full size board nowadays?

  25. I think, except for stuff like Supermicro and AsRock Rack, most mATX offerings are severely cut down. Not only in fan headers, heatsinks and such, but in BIOS as well, which gets annoying sometimes. I even had a GPU PCIe slot shed some pins on a cheap mATX ASUS board.

  26. Nvidia doesn't have their own software like amd?

  27. It's funny that you asked, there is / was EVGA Precision X1

  28. It's weird to have just one developer for such a project. They should probably move the guy to Taiwan or somewhere in Europe. Or even Mexico! It's interesting that they don't have the source code apparently.

  29. I got Kobo Forma 4 years ago and it was flickering, I even made an angry-ish video about it and posted it on YouTube. I replaced it with PocketBook which I had to order from Germany because they weren't available in Canada for some reason. I don't use it now though, because I mostly replaced it with iPad mini 6, which is an awesome device (300 grams weight, 8.3 inches screen and no microled bullshit)

  30. I think forma really had it, but only below %5 or so, some guy posted it with proof. I use kobo clara hd and aura one, so far no problems. Even going down till %1 brightness and so on.

  31. I think I was the first guy who posted a video about the forma :) It was around 20%.

  32. It's easy (assuming that you have an Intel Mac), go to releases page, download navidrome_0.48.0_macOS_x86_64.tar.gz. Then you need to unarchive it (use something like Unarchiver app for it, it's in app store and free). You'll end up with a directory with a 'navidrome' binary in it. Right-click it and chose 'Open'. It will complain that it's unsigned, ignore it and proceed. Then it will scan your library and you should be able to see the web interface at http://localhost:4533

  33. Amazon caches availability and really validates it on checkout, sometimes it takes several tries to get it really working. I blame people with accounts that have access to ordering API, they can just check the availability and order straight away in a a couple of milliseconds.

  34. I tried to get this one, but somehow ordered the 2TB P210 one for the same price

  35. Can it be an issue with a disk / disk space on the machine hosting ceph?

  36. Yeah, veracrypt is the easiest way to go. I also like MacOS sparase bundle files, because it makes basically a filesystem in a directory of 8MB small files, which can be synced elsewhere. And you just mount it on your mac / enter the password, without any additional software

  37. That might not work so great. If your upload speed is like 15 Mbit/s or something, imagine having to back up a virtual machine with development environment which is like 120GB. If you use it from your laptop, you'll have to keep your laptop uploading for 17 hours straight. Yes you can split your VM into chunks, but still the worst case scenario is too long. I didn't have this issue when I had symmetrical 500/500, but I have it now.

  38. Refresh rate and PWM are not directly related. You're not complaining about watching movies, right? And these are around 24fps. It's orthogonal to the whole PWM issue.

  39. Try 'Zondag met Lubach', 'Universiteit van Vlaanderen' and 'NOS Nieuws van de Week'.

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