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  1. How many schools are there in realife with a roof top I wonder

  2. He's really itching for war.. he set up artillery in a nearby island getting ready for something it's starting to piss me off

  3. The movie the invitation is a reference to the British royal monarch being "all terribly white" (according to the protagonist girl telling her friend on the phone) by someone who awfully looks like megan markle. As the only black girl in the "castle", she takes down the entire patriarchy from the inside. This is a reference to a prince (harry) leaving the royal family for the first time ever in the history of UK.

  4. Confidence.. they know they got nothing to lose so they charm with words

  5. What I wanna know is why are there 2 slots for upgrade materials and not grouped into 1

  6. India was good at making cheat apps for pubg nearly every cheater video was indian

  7. Say right on good luck in your studies, most likely they'll switch major anyway

  8. The cheapest no gambling way is weekly 1 from the shop for 568 UC

  9. Every week you're allowed to buy material for 568UC in the store page under 55% discount section

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