1. My dm basically gave my ranger a "component pouch" and said don't worry about it. Lol

  2. I saw a dnd creator put forth the idea of an entire party of clerics and paladins dedicated to Venus and/or aphrodite

  3. It's me again, Mr. New vegas, and you not somebody until somebody loves you: it's me, I love you

  4. It by no means heals the rifts that have been created but at least they worded it better than the piece of garbage they sent out last time.

  5. I'm not fully convinced it's wizards and more hasbro forcing their hand.

  6. Same, but even so, wouldn't change much. I'd feel bad for the wotc employees, but the message and response would need to be the same to show either one of them this will not stand.

  7. I think that is indeed the biggest takeaway here: we're not just fighting this for ourselves, we're doing this to get it through to Hasbro that we won't let them walk all over us. Not now, not ever.

  8. Just save scum. You only get the disease if you get bitten by a mole rat. If you don't get hit you have nothing to worry about. Just save after every encounter with them and keep your distance

  9. I had this happen once, eventually she got out if it while at the desk in bunker hill. After you get the armor back, don't store the armor with a fusion core in it.

  10. Nah I found the answer, you have to go the creative assembly folder in your files and move the save game file into its own folder

  11. I'm having this problem now in 2023, but I don't have a creative assembly folder. I just got my gaming pc earlier this week, and I don't see a creative assembly folder. Didn't have this problem when I was running it on my old laptop, did you have to make that folder? I don't ever recall looking. It just worked.

  12. I mean, I just started dnd two months ago and immediately jumped at ranger. I thought y'all knew lmao

  13. Nuka-World adds an entirely new map to explore with its own quests, locations, and items. If you want to become a raider for a bad guy playthrough, you can, and if you do, you can take over the main game world as a raider, which will turn the Minutemen against you. The DLC's main questline also has a good guy ending that has you destroy the Nuka-World gangs and liberate the enslaved settlers if you would prefer not to become a raider, but the questline is significantly shorter if you go that route.

  14. I mean. This is basically me in F4. I end up having hundreds of thousands of caps worth of ammo found in the wild, but only 2K caps, and yet I'm able to buy expensive things by bartering bullets for aluminum etc

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