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  1. Arguable that those two write 95% of the Radiohead discography so it's basically Radiohead with a different name. I love Colin, Phillip, and Ed but Johnny & Thom are the meat and bones of that band.

  2. Luckily Tom Skinner is also an insanely talented drummer so it's not exactly a downgrade.

  3. I've watched the AHL for the first time this season, this kid is legit. He's gotten so much better as the season has gone on too. My darkhorse to force the roster next season for sure.

  4. Sedins work a lot with him after practice. I think the coaches see something in him too.

  5. Jack Mack was a legend. His girls and wife still live down my street. Wonderful family.

  6. Did anyone see the weird lights flickering, flying outside of mullet arena during cut to commercial? Wish I would have recorded it to replay. Maybe they were drones or something.

  7. “ Clearly you have been busy making this great record of your own. So it doesn’t feel like the Smile is holding things up in terms of being able to get back to Radiohead? SELWAY: No, it’s a mutually agreed and beneficial time away from the band. The band still very much exists, and we get together quite often and talk about potential future plans. ”

  8. He was probably so giddy after coming up with that and typing it out

  9. FUCK I really wish he chose Edmonton. Imagine how different our season would be. We'd have guys who are willing to trade hockey sticks for bananas.

  10. Not stolen… the watch and wedding ring from John Wick, a sword from 47 Ronin, and the first red pill that the Wachowski’s ever gave me.

  11. Lol so we’re going to Horvat both Pettersson and Hughes. Great. Can’t wait to surround them with reclamation projects and overpaid plugs to attempt to be a bubble team while bleeding picks and prospects.

  12. His agent was saying last week that the Canucks would need to retain a lot of money to move him to the Wild. Now they’re reporting they are not willing to retain and the Wild got a couple of forwards yesterday. Seems like that ship has sailed

  13. he over skated the puck, i feel like it definitely should have been offside

  14. He’s actually the most in-touch reporter for the Canucks but tosses out so much stuff. He’s buddy buddy with a bunch of agents

  15. It’s a sellers market this year. I mean, what we got for Horvat was great.

  16. This is genuinely the worst trade I've seen on paper in a long time. Good lord, this is horrendous.

  17. This is a really bad take. Makeup the Breakdown was widely critically acclaimed when it came out. It’s now considered an Indie classic. They had a handful of strong singles following their debut.

  18. They got BNM on Pitchfork in the early 2000s. I don’t think you grasp how huge that was for bands back then. Arcade Fire credit their success to Funeral getting a high review on Pitchfork. The site had so much influence back then.


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